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Sanctuaries are pointlesd

They stay in for 2 days, can’t use them, and you can’t request dna if they are in one…all for barely a handful of dna. Not really worth it in my opinion.


I would say over 100 epic DNA over 2 days was worth it. More than you get requesting.


OK. My dinos have returned from petting zoo. I had Kentro, Anky and Iguana (common) in a level 5, very close to level 6 zoo.

I was granted 5 DNA for Kentro, 5 DNA for Anky and 25 DNA for Iguana for full duration stay at zoo apon return.

Is this some kind of really sick joke, Ludia? This was beyond stupid.


Less then you get in daily missions though…

I wasnt expecting to be some crazy high numbers here like 200 dna… was just hoping for the epic number to be around 50… but you dont even get that for commons.


I agree some adjustments would be helpful


I was totaly expecting at least 200 DNA :disappointed:


How do you get 100 epic dna in two days .
My four epics just returned and I got 10 , 10 , 15 and 10 .
My sanctuary was level 5 .


How u even get 10? I get 5 from level 5. Very lame.


How was that even possible. Every epic I got 5 DNA each, you sure your right

I got 4 for most interactions and 2 on others. Avg 3 DNA per 18 actions. 54 DNA times 2 days. 108. Plus 5 return. 113 DNA received


Did y’all ever interact with the dinos in sanctuary? That gave dna every time an action was performed. The small bonus amount of dna you get upon retrieving them from sanctuary is minor compared to what you can get from interacting. If you’re not a fan of these things, then I believe you may be using them wrong.

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I treat it like st Patty’s day event. I can use all my actions on 1 dino while throwing in 3 others for my alliance elsewhere leveling up houses. Every 2 days I’ll concentrate on a new dino while leveling up house allowing more different types of dinos to be in a higher level house yielding more and more xp.

If the return yield was high then everyone would want their erli in or their raptor and you wind up with less dino choices and more houses at lower levels.

I mean I could get over 350 tuo or irritator or other non spawning around me rare I want over 2 days as well if I want. Get an avg of 8 to 10 or more per attempt adds up fast.

I only got 5 when I picked them up , but they were higher by the amounts I stated when they came back . So the extra was from interaction while they were in there .

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I spent everything on kentro thats what I need.
I did all drop spinning to get max toys each day to use. With return I no get enough dna for even 1 fifty fuse with use kentro dna.

So now people say there is secret plan to use and if no use secret plan then petting zoo no work for you? Very confused.

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There is a cooldown on actions. Right now I get 4 DNA on erli. If I do it again I may get 2. Wait 3 hours and I get 4 again. Most actions (12) I get 4. The rest i get 2. So that’s 60 DNA if i do it correctly. 120 plus 5 is 125 over 2 days.

I havent tried kentro but it should be the same since its epic too. If you arent getting 50 per day it’s in too low of a house or you arent waiting on cooldown. And the erli I interacted with wasnt even mine. It was alliance members in higher house

When our pets are released back into the wild, maybe instead of giving us any DNA, they spawn next to us so we can dart them and get something worth while.

We get sometimes more than 2K commons out of a strike tower incubator. Not even 100 common after 2 days. Sheesh. I can dart more in 20 second than this whole process gives in 2 days.


Let me get this straight. Sanctuaries:

  • Present a new way to get DNA
  • Cost nothing in terms of resources (yes, you use food/toys/interaction units, but you don’t have to make the same resource allocation decisions like you do with coins or hardcash)
  • Don’t tie-up creatures you’d use in battle (generally speaking)
  • Introduce a new game element that’s pretty amusing
  • Are a new way to get Epic DNA
  • Aren’t subject to the same cooldowns as with DNA donations from your alliance
  • Don’t require a ton of time to manage
  • Encourage team play and collaboration

And this is pointless? Strongly disagreed. Aside from the fact that I think they’re hilarious and I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the different theropod animations, doing VR for dinos I have in the sanctuaries, and recording VR videos with the kids (something we never bothered to do before), even if those aren’t things you care about, it’s virtually effortless, costless DNA. This is a feature with nearly ZERO downside, and all benefit.


Using phrases like “sick joke” and “beyond stupid” to describe nearly effortless DNA collection? Your perspective is distorted.


It seems the problem is many people can’t be bothered to read how these sanctuaries actually work, and then complain when they don’t get what they expect.