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Sanctuaries are pointlesd

So do all 3 buttons one time then wait for 3 hours for a timer reset? Is timer visable somewhere? How do u know it 3 hours long?

Look at your watch and come back three hours later.


Go away troll boi.

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The game actually requires effort.

He is actually correct. It is up to you to know when 3 hours has passed. There is no in-game timer for this.

Long press the interaction button and see how much dna it will give you. If it isn’t the max number, the three hours isn’t up yet. Pretty simple.


Wow no common sense here at all. Do you really think me capable of not knowing how to tell time? Or how to find out what time it is? I am typing this on a phone, yes?

The question was simply asked on hoe does he know the timer is 3 hours long. How do people not understand such a simple question and ger confused to think that I can no tell time? I know english not good but wow.

Ok a real answer for onceb that is help

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All of the extra Irritator DNA I’m getting tells me that this is not pointless.

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I’m farming diplodocus dna that I would have no other way of getting. Not pointless at all.

Yeah i guess everything helps even if small amount.

I undertand that i had fell for all the 1.8 hype here on forum by the glee club and ludia fans. But honest review from me is 1.8 was big fail after previous 1.7 fail. Was expected to do much more for game and players interest and did not do much of anything ot was hoped for.

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Yes because I’d like to level up dinos I use and to not be able to use them for 2 days to only get a few dna, is pointless when I can just request what I need and get hundreds in a few hours.

I love that idea. Not only would they return the small amounts but they could all spawn around you. Great idea here. Then the reward is based on your darting.

Hope you figured it out by now. The real numbers are around 50 DNA for epics.
When you combine all interacts, feedings and plays in a day that is. But you shouldn’t do it all in one go,
because then you get less.

I’m unable to request epics so 50 a day is more than 0. And the rares i want I may get 20 to 70 because everyone else wants it too. So still better for me

Yeah im aware its less then one darting attempt total for 48 hours if you and your alliance all work together… its not bad on arena exclusive rares… but for epics its not anything Im excited about and im sure looking forward to seeing the same animation play over and over again…

What could have been a way to get new dinos into the meta faster is gonna mostly be used for irritator/bary gen 2/ diplodocus…

Do sanctuary feel underwelling to you? I feel like they are underwelling. Don’t get me wrong commons you can get a decent amount of DNA… I think I’ve seen as much as 30 DNA for a common, but rares I’ve only seen as high as 11 and epics I’ve seen as high as 4 3 and 2?! doesn’t make me want to put a rare or epic in unless I am like a few DNA away from like that next level or that next try. What are you guys think?

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I dont think that everyone gets that the DNA goes directly to your total immediately. I didn’t at 1st but just realized it tonight when I saw my total DNA go up while I was interacting with it. I thought that what I collected at the end when it came out was literally all they got, not realizing my DNA was going up each time.

I have also been able to still request DNA from my alliance on my dinosaurs even when they are in the sanctuary. I have done it 3 times now. I don’t know if that is an error on mine or if we can all do it.


While yes I was expecting a lot more than the low 5 I got on dinosaur return, I suppose it’s better than nothing when you never see that dinosaur to dart it.

That being said I think it would be better if increased. And it seems to take a lot more than I thought it would to level up a sanctuary. Like from 5 to 6 is going so slow, and it will only get worse.


In my opinion, it is pretty good for epics. Better than the daily missions, because here, you chose which DNA you want. For me, it makes bigger difference to receive 50 Erlikosaurus DNA than to get 100 Ouranosaurus each day.
And as for animations, they are pretty short. We don’t have to watch whole of it ; just as long as the button reloads. It takes a second or two. The animation that bugs me the most in the game is the drone animation.

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