Sanctuaries expires today?

The sanctuaries in our alliance show that they will expire very soon (from less than 30 mins to several hours)

But I think it should be 48 hours ?

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The sanctuaries are live for 48 hours but only shared in an alliance for 24 hours from the time the last Dino was put in it

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I think sharing with alliance is 24 hours.

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Ah thanks for clarifying.

Does that mean creatures from alliance members will be removed ?

Nope, they are still there for 48 hours. I guess it’s keep the shared list from getting cluttered

If I understand correctly, those that we don’t have creatures in, will disappear from the list at the expiration time.
But those that we have put our own creatures in, will still be visible to us ?

An alliance member and I had 6 dinos in a sanctuary which reached level 5 before it expired today. The sanctuary disappeared and my dinosaurs were not returned to me. I can’t place any dinos elsewhere because I’ve already placed four. What’s the point of having sanctuaries reset after 14 days if it expires after 24 hours?

Edit: The sanctuary only disappeared from the alliance list. I can access the sanctuary through the laboratory and pick the dino that has the sanctuary icon. Still seems the long way round though.

The sanctuaries are a good idea but in the end, are they worth it? Some of the logic is flawed. 24 hour shared sanctuaries but you can only put 4 in over 48 hours and can’t put more until the 4 are released back to you… 24 hours after your sanctuaries expire. That gives players 24 hours really with being unable to create them and interact within their own.

Secondly, the dna is squat. The most dna you get from any of these dinos could maybe get up to 15 - 30 tops and over 2 - 4 days that is still not much to be able to really do much from it at all. You’re literally adding pennies to a pile that needs a lot more than that.

DNA needs to be rewarded at higher ranks. Otherwise, who is motivated to go play while getting 2, 3 dna MOST of the time. 14 if you get to yours fast enough when it’s shared. It doesn’t make a dent in what I need. It’ll take months in those things to accumulate enough to have it be meaningful.

I think as we level up the sanctuary, it gives more DNA. The problem is, can we reshare the sanctuary again after the initial 24 hours ? If not, then the sharing feature is just useless because you can get access to it (except the owner) after leveling it up.

I think it automatically re-shares when you add a new dino, but because everyone filled them with 4 dinos initially there is no space for you to add a new dino until one returns after 48 hours, and in this instance they’ll all return anyway because of how people filled them up at the start.

We should have confirmation later today when people’s dinos return as to whether it re-shares when you add the next dino, i’m confident it will as that is the required action to share them. It’s a poorly designed mechanic though.

Its best to interact with a Dino once every 3 hours. If you feed a Dino 4 times in a row you will get 4 > 3 > 2 > 1. Where as if you interact once and get 4, wait either 3 hours or interact with another players Dino of the same type (your Erlik and their Erlik have their own cool downs) then you will get the max.

So -

  1. Interact with your Erlik and get 4 for feeding
  2. Interact with an alliance members Erlik and get 4
    Wait 3 hours
  3. Interact with your Erlik and get 4
  4. Interact with their Erlik and get 4
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But if you didn’t fill the sanctuary with 4 dinos, perhaps other guys of your alliance can do. And if you don’t level up the sanactory anymore, you’ll not get a free slot for another dino. So i think it’s not possible anytime to reshare it on that way?

The best tactic going forward is to hold off placing dinos and stagger their placement over a long period of time.

If you place a Dino in an alliance sanctuary that expires in 1 hr it is shared again for another 24 hrs and so on. In the long run it will be better to have fewer high level sanctuaries everyone contributes too rather than “personal” sanctuaries

To sum up:

  • Sanctuaries remain in the Alliance Share List for 24 hours after the last dino was added
  • They can still be found when you walk to them or go to a dino you put in your inventory and press Enter
  • Any dino put in a sanctuary will be returned after 48 hours. Not when the share expires, not when the 14 days are over.
  • The sancturaries ALL remain active for 14 days, even if all dinos have left, and the level will remain
  • If you find an empty sanctuary with e.g. level 5, you can put new dinos in it, share it again, and keep leveling it up until the 14 days are over

Rinse, repeat!

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Exactly what I was gonna say… also everyone should work together on them not just creating a bunch of sanctuary’s each. Re-share and apply.

So in my case, I have a dino in a Sanctuary which is no longer shared with the Alliance. My app shows that I’ll receive by dino back in 1 day, 6 hours (which implies I added it a mere 18 hours ago). So it appears to me that the time doesn’t reset every time a dino is added, but only when a dino is added and it’s not currently shared.