Sanctuaries hiding/ swallowing creature spawns

It happens often enough to really p!ss me off with this game!

I was enjoying this game and was even willing to restart the game every few minutes, but if this problem isn’t fixed, and soon, Ludia may as well put this game where the sun doesn’t shine.

Here is the issue:

Every so often, a creature spawned directly on top of the beacon graphic, especially one where strike events might occur.

Even so, one could easily select the creature and dart it.

In 1.826, creatures sometimes spawned on top of the sanctuary graphic, and if it’s a small creature, like Dracorex, Velociraptor, Nundasuchus, Nodosaurus, etc., try as you might, from whichever angle or perspective you try, you cannot select it, and instead you select the sanctuary.

(Seriously, was it really necessary to add all that bling to the beacons? Fireworks? Beach balls? Jeepers, you’d think that would be the last thing you’d want near dinosaurs/ creatures. Perhaps use a more appropriate design in the next version, something more science appropriate? These creatures are dangerous, and should be treated as such. Don’t even get me started on the dinosaur-mammal hybridising, but I guess there will always be that one party that has to do the inappropriate.)

Anyway, the only workaround that SOMETIMES works is to restart the game and hope that you can select the creature before the sanctuary graphic materialises. This doesn’t always work!!!

I have wasted well earned scent capsules, and wasted purchased scent capsules with this problem. As it is, the 5 min scent capsule is pretty useless, so I try to make sure I can use two in a row (or more, if purchased) to get any real benefit, but I believe at least 25% of scent attracted creatures (never mind others that simply spawn in that specific area), are lost this way. I’ve lost ⅔rd’s of creatures from scent capsules sometimes. It isn’t always possible to be out of the way of a sanctuary, especially since even if you are out of the way, some creatures still spawn on top of the graphic.

I live in a small town and I’ve had enough of this problem of being UNABLE to select spawns. It’s bad enough that I can’t have a message, or telephone call (or any other mobile phone or Ludia action), disrupt the game causing me to need to restart the game, but I’ve actually spent money, which has been an incredible waste, and I regret every penny.

(I’m using a 256GB iPhone XS, with the latest iOS, and I haven’t even used 56GB yet, so I do not believe it’s the technology/ platform.)

I saw someone else discuss this issue in a forum, I just dont recall where, so I am stunned that you recently l had a bug fix and put out the 1.829 version, but this problem persists. Don’t you think you should have corrected this problem?

Do something.

@Ned @John same thing that was happening with strike towers a while ago is now happening with sanctuaries… how do the devs even allow this? I would assume its the same if not a very similar code to prevent that from happening… please look into it.


Hey, Pedrovisk and PlayfulFox, our team is aware of this issue, and they would like to look into it. In the meantime, it’d be really helpful if you could reach out to our team here at with your support key so they can gather more information.

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@Ned and @Petrovisk (and @John). Thank you for the comments and responses. I will contact the support department with my support key.