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Sanctuaries keep getting in the way

So this is starting to frustrate me, but since all the sanctuaries are placed right next to supply drops (at least all of the ones here are), I’m finding it difficult to tap on the supply drops and, in the case of events, the dinos underneath them.

It takes me about 8 taps just to reach them if they’re towards the 200 metre cut-off. Tapping near them sometimes doesn’t get the drop/dino, but even if I tap just a fraction closer, it somehow selects the sanctuary instead (even though my finger doesn’t actually tap on it). If it’s nearby, it still takes about 3 taps before it select the supply drop/dino.

Is there a solution to this?


Ludia - “Yes there is a solution. The solution is…buy more boosts”

Honestly I hate when this happens. Many have asked for something to fix this like a button to toggle sanctuaries showing or not.