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Sanctuaries: make it more possible to level

So with the current chat system, it is next to impossible to really coordinate sanctuaries or really even chat, because too much chat makes it really hard to donate because the donate windows will move. Most people don’t want to go off game just to communicate with alliance members, so we end up with what my alliance sanctuaries look like.
Everything is a mess. We have a ton of level 5s and usually only one or two that break the magical level 7. The reason is that, when a person goes to put their dinosaurs in a sanctuary, they put all 4 in the same spot or as many as they can fit. This creates a feedback loop. No one wants to care for dinos that aren’t in the highest sanctuary they have dinosaurs in, and they’re usually only caring for one at a time. A prime example is I am working on tryko. Therefore I only care for my kentro right now.
I’ve tried communicating with the others to only put one dino in each sanctuary, but most of them still just do the easy thing and dump as many dinos in the sanctuaries as will fit. So our sanctuaries never make it above level 7.

The solution? Make the person who creates a sanctuary the manager of it. Meaning they can impose rules on what is allowed in. One dinosaur per person. Only rares. Only epics. Only the same species. The customizability would allow those of us who want a higher level sanctuary to work together.
Also it would keep people who are still learning from dominating a high level sanctuary. We used to have one member(before they left for unrelated reasons) who was putting nundasuchus in the highest sanctuary we had every time they got the chance.

But I caution against letting people kick dinos out of sanctuaries. I think that would be too much power.

Edit: also maybe allowing people to name the sanctuary if they choose. Example I could name mine “kentro sanctuary” and tell people it’s accepting only kentros.

wow interesting

If you want to benefit from a high level sanctuary I would personally move alliances if yours is a mess, especially with 1.9 bringing increased rewards.

My old alliance had 2x Lvl 12 and current working on a Lvl 20

I can always tell what others in my alliance are working on based on what they request and what I see put into sanctuary’s. Unfortunately, we seem to be working on different creatures.

For me with 2 level 20 accounts, I am working on different creatures on both my accounts. I put the creature I am working to collect DNA from each account into the same sanctuary. Right now, I have 2 Erlikisaurus’s and 2 Dracorex’s in one sanctuary for easy access 3 times a day. Between mine and other random creatures that get added to it, the sanctuary’s get to 6 and 7 before the 2 weeks. I understand when I go into the sanctuary and find some level 4 Nundasuchas put into it. It’s like, “Why?!” But what ever.

I wish sanctuary’s would not expire unless they go empty. This way our alliances could build up a sanctuary and keep it up as long and we continue to keep it alive and going.

What you describe is how 90% of alliances look like.
JWA doesn’t have good communication tools, so you need to go to a external app. Discord is a good one that keeps your privacy if that’s your members concern.

But the bigger problem is that most people don’t have a clue about how sanctuaries work. There’s no official guide, no in-game guide…the only info available is what players have compiled by theirselves and posted on this forum.

The result is that most people don’t know the benefits of a high level sanctuary and they believe they just have to have all their dinos in and play with them. When the most efficient way of using sanctuaries is focusing on levelling up the sanctuary the first 24-48h and collecting DNA for the rest of the period.

Besides the lack of knowledge there is the lack of willingness to learn. Probably most people in your alliance don’t even care…so find a new one that is more organised, perhaps?


That’s true, but even so as you say, many alliances look like the one I described. Ultimately, I’m not just looking for me. I understand how they work and would like to see the system improve so more people could understand them as well.
Obviously, chat system improvements might help coordination, yet I still feel like there are ways we can better facilitate high level sanctuaries.

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