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Sanctuaries - ohhh where, ohhh where can my dino beeee...?

I have a Shared Sanctuary right by my home. However, numerous times now I’ve placed my dino’s in there…but then can’t access them whatsoever. My boyfriend also can’t see them from his account (so I know it’s not just mine bugging out).

When I go in to my dino page, it shows the Sanctuary symbol on them. When I click on the ones I’ve placed, it’ll say they aren’t currently available because they’re in a Sanctuary, and show the option to enter the Sanctuary, yet when I click on “Enter”, nothing happens.

They also don’t show up in my Alliances page for Shared Sanctuaries. I’ve gone through them many, many times to verify.

I’ve provided photos to assist with any confusion! Thanks for, hopefully, any and all help in advance! This is incredibly frustrating!! Hopefully I’m not just being a complete idiot and missing something haha.


I have a sanctuary in reach of my house that bugs out like that so we don’t use it.

I’m sorry that happened, LittleBoopie. Your creatures will return to you once the timer resets on them. However, could you send our team the location information here at for that Sanctuary so they can take a closer look?


I have exactly the same issue. The sanctuary is next to my home but can never be used due to the same issue. I sent a ticket to Ludia and they just apologized and said they were working hard on it. I now ignore the sanctuary until someone successfully put a dino in it.

Had same issue. Enter button is bugged.
Tried putting another dino in same sanctuary and it was properly shared to alliance. Also could interact with dino that otherwise couldn’t reach in sanctuary, clicking directly sanctuary.

Also having the same issue. The dinosaurs go into the sanctuary, but the menu inside is blank and the dinosaurs can’t be interacted with at all. Hope there’s a fix soon.