I’m having problems entering my sanctuary for some reason.
It disappeared from my map. So I’m thinking okay that’s fine, I’ll just enter through my creatures list. When I press the enter button, nothing happens. :disappointed_relieved:

Hey QueenRexy, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look? If you could include a screenshot of what happens when you try to enter your Sanctuary through the dino page, it’d be really helpful. Thanks!

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Thank you for reaching out. I got my creatures back since that happened and so far haven’t encountered any more issues. If it does happen again, I’ll let you know. :grinning:

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I’m glad to hear that, @QueenRexy.

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My dinodex shows my level 18 Dracorex is in a sanctuary (and it should be because I put it one of our alliance sanctuaries. When I click on the list of sanctuaries that the alliance has, only 2 show up and my Dracorex is in neither of them. If I bring up Dracorex in my dinodex it stars it is in a sanctuary and the green ‘Enter’ button to take me to the sanctuary is shown When I click on the button the button graphic goes down, but nothing happens, I just stay in the same old Dracorex page.

The buttons on the other dinosaurs in sanctuaries work fine and take me to the sanctuaries they are in (which are the same sanctuaries that show in our list).

It’s as if the sanctuary has just disappeared even though we still have dinosaurs in them and because the sanctuary is gone we can’t get to the dinosaurs that are in them.