Sanctuary accomplishes nothing

I was excited for a new way to earn DNA with the sanctuaries, but is it really worth it? Boosting them to the next level doesn’t give you any extra rewards, when you give DNA to a friends dinosaur it helps you, but not them, and whatever DNA you do get in the end is minuscule.

Having an animal in a sanctuary should bet you sizeable benefits, especially if you can’t even use them during regular gameplay for two days. It’s a nice idea guys, but you need to actually make it worth it. Right now, it’s not worth it.


Focus on feeding the same type of dino and you will have enough DNA to fuse with.
If you have all these items in your inventory and you continuously use them on a bunch of dilophosaurs for 15 DNA each time, you will definitely get over 200 DNA per day.


Watching my T-rex eat is still pretty awesome. :heart_eyes:


The best suggestion I have seen for the return of a dinosaur from a sanctuary is to let us dart it.

Instead of 5 DNA for an epic, you get to dart one. Simple.

It would be similar to a scent where your dino would only spawn for you for a limited time.

Being able to dart a single dino once every two days is far from game-breaking and would certainly increase the motivation to use the sanctuaries.


I can’t complain about getting my diplodocus to level 20. I needed a level and a half to 2 levels and since the sanctuaries came out I’ve hit my 20th level. I would not have achieved this without them. Also can’t complain about irritator and red baryonyx and even rare erliko dna.

Sure I wish we could collect more dna from them but anything is better than a goose egg.

I’m hoping for a diplodocus event week soon.

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I live in L2 and hunt in L3 (Working on Magna)
Thanks to sanctuaries I have gotten around 150ish Kentro DNA.
And that was through just feed/play/interact once every 3 hours and banking 6.
If I actually put some time and research into them I’d probably have even more.
That’s kinda a lot of valuable DNA for the price of free.

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Got Diplodocus to lvl 20 and already made a fuse on Geminititan. Every week will be able to get enough Diplo DNA for 2 Gemini fuses.

I’ve collected over 800 diplo dna that I would have no other way to get. Count me in the group that is happy to have sanctuaries.

I get 60 diplodocus dna/day just by popping in and doing a few simple steps. More than I would be getting in any battle incubator, if it was in a battle incubator that is.

Without sanctuaries I would be getting zero diplodocus dna per day.

Would I prefer to get a ton more dna per interaction? You bet! Never going to happen though so I am content with a little at a time.


Not only is the DNA absolutely free (assuming you collect supply drops), you get to choose exactly what dino you’re getting the DNA for! How is that a bad thing?


My Magna would disagree. Sanctuaries give me more Irritator DNA than paying to speed up incubators would, and at no cost at all. Almost no effort too. Just to tap a few buttons and voila! My Magna is creeping toward the next level faster than before. Sanctuaries are very helpful and don’t require much of my time.


I’d love to have flying dinos too in sanctuaries

if you say so… ive gotten over 1k irri dna from it

edit: i would’ve gotten alot more but i was fipping high sp dinos at first to build up the sanc.


While its true sanctuaries can give a dna boosts and its a way to gain otherwise unobtainable dna.

The truth of the matter is until Ludia acknowledges and fixes the current match making system is it really worth the effort? Looking at a leaderboard where the 5 spot guy doesnt have a single 30 is it really worth it. Seems a way better use of resources to fly low and boost high. Whats a sprinkle of dna really worth when using that dna changes you match up pool for the worse.


Well, currently, everybody is hyped for those sanctuary, but I see them trickling down slowly (except for the very active alliances). After all, as players will loose interest (most will prefer “the hunt”), the DNA return will become too low. But I guess Ludia will likely try to keep them going so future will tell. (Love the idea that when one of your dino return, you could dart it… Bet ya this is something Ludia will think about when the sanctuary loose interest)

The sanctuary rewards are a bit measly but did help me get just enough Secodontos’s for Ardontosarus. It would be nice for a bit better return on investment when we get our critters back.

Being able to get inncubator only DNA has been helpful also. I got Purutaurus up to 15 and add it to my growing choices of creatures to change in and out of my PvP team.

I am going to miss my first daily reward in months because I don’t have enough interaction tokens despite grabbing more supply drops than ever before, I collected over 10000 gold from supply drops today yet I only was able to complete 5/6 interactions. Santuatiers are worthless, I would not even bother of they weren’t required for daily reward.

cool because i was able to get all items for 4 accounts…

If we can put more than 4 dinos in sanctuary, that’s far more better.

You get 4 from normal supply drops and 2 from green ones, every day. Takes as little as 10 minutes to get everything. How do you get just 5?
Interactions aren’t from supply drops btw. Those are from the free 6 hour incubator.