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Sanctuary accomplishes nothing

If you’re a tad on the causal side, always keep 6 of each in your inventory.
Before opening your freebie incubator, make sure you don’t have 8.
If you do, spend 2.
A little forward thinking will fix the issue.


Seems like the sanctuary missions are every other day. So you can plan for them too if you need to. Luckily for me the supply drop reset is 8pm so I can get my extra if I fall short before the 1am daily reset for the mission.

Exactly; if you have any extra on a day where interactions aren’t one of your goals; just save them! You don’t need to spend them all right away.

I’ve only completed my daily missions twice this month, but I don’t care because it’s just pachy.

But, but, ugly rat-kitty… :wink:


Bugs need to be addressed first including battles removing players and other funky stuff. Also matchmaking but we can go forward working on sanctuary’s need increased payouts. Players don’t wanna have to put much mind into organizing the perfect structured sanctuary. Yes to a point. But some posts on here about how to set them up are a bit overwhelming and detailed it’s scary lol
We Organized some alliance members with sanctuary’s but we got to level 9 I believe and really wasn’t much earned . Level 20 in 14 days seems impossible so either increasing the effect of each interaction to each level or increasing our time to get these sanctuary’s up to level 20 but . Return DNA needs to be increased to 50 per epic-100 per rare - 200 per common along with interactions (depending on level) but level 9 per interaction should be either 9 or double 18 DNA with cooldown of 1 hour on that applied dino.

Personally I’ve learned to save interactions for daily’s but we shouldn’t have to! More then enough say double needed should be available for the daily missions just as easy as it is to collect the required coin or anything else. When someone receives interactions they initially want to apply to their sanctuary’s to level and get some DNA who wouldn’t ? Either way shouldn’t be having any issue getting these for daily missions . I’ve missed two daily’s now since but now I save interactions cause I have to.

Sanctuary’s feel more like PRISON for Dinos and for your missions LOL :joy: -!:wink: Currently my ANKY is doing hard time for 12 hours and I sure can’t wait for that 5 Epic DNA when it returns from prison…

DinoLord out!


I am getting annoyed by sanctuaries always being right next to rare dinosaurs and everytime I try to get the dinosaur I end up opening the sanctuary.


Really I haven’t had that issue yet lol but I remember when the birds first came out and you couldn’t select the stop they were at without clicking/selecting them so I feel your pain lol


I didn’t have that problem with the birds so maybe it’s just my turn :rofl:

I’m doing exactly what @Wwwoodchuck said. It’s worth it for the super duper rare epics.

Interactions only give 4, 5 or 6 DNAs. So it’s better to do when it’s a Daily Mission requirement.
And what @W1ckety said, be sure you don’t have 8 of them already.

I don’t mind interacting as part of the daily missions and haven’t run short due to planning. I do think the cap on each should be higher and/or the amount it takes to level the sanctuary should be lower. If there wasn’t a way to communicate outside of the game it would be next to impossible to gain the most from them. Not everyone is taking the time needed to fully understand the way they work and communicating is challenging even with outside tools.


The best way to improve sanctuaries would be to abolish the 24-hour timer. The sanctuary resets every 14 days? Fine. But making it inaccessible to our alliance members unless someone is able to add a dino just in time (do we need an alarm clock :thinking:) is unnecessary and very difficult to accomplish unless you have the time and inclination to completely micro manage sanctuaries in your alliance (for most, that would be no and no). It should be a fun addition to the game and not a chore!

I’m trying to keep a local sanctuary available to two alliances. The other alliance leader and I keep reminding our members to keep one (better: two) slots open so we can each add a dino just in time before the 24 hours are up. Most of the time some members do it anyway and the sanctuary is subsequently lost to one or both alliances for 24 hours. Because of the difficult in game chat (and not having all of our members on Discord) we can’t reliably get the message across anyway.

But none of this would even be necessary if Ludia simply did away with the 24-hour timer… what’s its purpose anyway?


i achieve this by simply asking a member to add a dino once one expires. boom 24 hour reset.

its also better to stagger placement. fresh sanc, fill it halfway day one then fill it day two.

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I try to stagger putting my creatures on them.One in the morning. One at night, One the next morning and the last the next night. The next morning, my first comes off and I just repeat. It’s just hard to keep up and remember. Then I throw them back on the sanctuary’s that are getting close to the time running out like less than 6 or 8 hours to keep them going.

All of this is more coordination/planning than we should have to do! What is the point of this completely unnecessary 24 hour timer?!

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This is a local one about 2 miles from home. I am not in it, but I am in some shared sanctuaries in my alliance and we often have several of the same dinos in one sanctuary so we can farm the DNA more efficiently.


Agree with OP, These zoos are nonsense and 1.8 needed to be a million times more then this ignorant garbage.

Yes it is super annoying. Especially when there’s a sanctuary, a strike tower, a supply drop, and the dinosaur. I want to scream because I guarantee you I’m not trying to get into the sanctuary or the strike tower I’ve already completed and if it’s a common dino probably not that either but just the supply drop lol such a headache for something that’s everywhere.

Completed strike towers really need to disappear after you beat it. If you have a loss and the option to retry could stay. But if you win there’s no need for it to be on the map any longer. It’s like opening a treasure chest. They disappear and turn to a supply drop. So should the strike towers.

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