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Sanctuary Alliance Team Up

Our alliance is looking to join forces with another alliance to build up sanctuary to level20 as fast as possible. This would be a continual partnership to benefit both alliances. We use discord and would need our partner alliance to do the same. If interested please message me. Below is a screen shot of our current sanctuary.

I sent you a DM!

How much epic dna you get @ level 14?

We’d like to join the party :grinning:

At lvl14 we get 16 epic turtle Dna per 1 feed(5dna) 1 play (7dna) and 1 interact (4dna).
That is 96 total per day.

Will send you a direct message

Sound nice , how cam we add your sanctuary with our alliance?

Hello all. Thanks to all who contacted me. At this time we have found another alliance to work with. There are some posts here of others interested so maybe get connected with them. Will post to let you all know how it is working.

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