Sanctuary animations

I can’t get enough of the animations for the sanctuaries, whether it be feeding or playing. I feel like they should come with funny captions. Even when I am having a rough day, they always make me smile. :sweat_smile::+1: I apologize in advance for my corny jokes. :yum:

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” :film_projector::clapper:

“Hello!” (Hears echo)

“Come at me Bro!”
(Erlikosaurus looks like she is training to be a boxer!)

“Mine! You can’t take this away from me!”

P.S. To all of you living in the US, I hope you are having a great Independence Day. :fireworks: Please be safe out there. For everyone else, I hope you are having a great day. :grinning:


I love that animations especially Toast

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Which one is Toast? Koolasuchus? Miragaia? :grinning:

I’ve only seen a few. Gryposuchus, erliko, diplodocus, irritator, Rex. I think that’s all.

I’m not really a fan because all the extra goodies is what makes my phone lag and more unplayable each update. Instead of giving us things we don’t ask for maybe they should fix the things we’ve asked them for. Sorry for being negative. If I could afford a brand new phone that’s able to handle the game I’m sure it would be better. But I can’t.

I love the animations, I just wish they lasted longer. Maybe they could add an option to have longer animations or shorter ones when you need to grind the DNA faster.

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Goat- freedom yes!!
Spinosaurus-i am going to ruin this man’s career

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The carnotaurus

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Longer ones would make phones even worse. For shorter ones just leave the sanctuary you don’t have to watch the animations. I don’t.

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where’ gyrosphere?
it was announced when releasing, but i didnt see any.

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I’m not sure. I hope they add more play animations in the future. I actually think it would be pretty funny if the dinosaurs got to play with a gyrosphere. :grinning:

Kapros playing are funny too. They use the cow toy as a sling.


huahuahuahuahuahua! :rofl:
im gonna place one just to see that. :laughing:

I love this screenshot! :grinning:

Absolutely agreed. One of the few bright spots in the game at the moment. All the time spent on developing this was worth it.

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