Sanctuary care bonus

I’m speachless, I really am


Oh, yes!!!


What level is your sanctuary? Just want to prove it will increase as the sanctuary level goes up

Level 5, but still that’s a bad reward.
Grypolyth here I come

Got this for a rare
Screenshot_20190627-171931 wow, just wow


Thanks. Want to prove if my theory stands correct. From 1-5 is first reward tier, 6-10 will get higher. And so on with every 5 levels.

I think it might just be the level of your sanctuary, so of you do finish at level 1 you get 1 epic DNA and so on

Mine were in lvl 5. Same numbers. Wait for someone with 6 I guess.


Our dinos from a level 6 sanctuary (might be 7 by the time they come back) are just a couple hours away from returning.

Edit… sanctuary just became level 7. First dino comes back in 2 hours.


Keep us updated

Hopefully if a Sanctuary is level 20 then I hope it gives a 20 bonus for Epics. That’s a good amount, especially if you play with them all the way to that point.

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Really not useful, might not bother with it for anything other than missions.


That’s still super low for 2 days. I expected around 50-100ish. 5 DNA after 2 days is like begging for scraps and scratching the bottom of the barrel at this point.


One of mine was in a level 4 and also got 5dna, so ya know.

Mine is LVL 6… not impressed what so ever.

I think it could have been higher, but 50-100 is a little much for two days, maybe for commons but not Epics, they’re Epics for a reason. I agree that it should have been in the range of at least 15ish or 20 for those two days though, 5 is a little bit of a slap in the face.

I’m indifferent about bonuses from returning dinos. I just want to farm dna from interactions.

That’s another thing, it’s just a bonus, the real stuff comes from farming from the interactions with the Dinos.

What rewards did you receive from them?

I mean we get 100 DNA for Daily Rewards. And even at 50 DNA every 2 days, that’s still a month to level an epic from 19 to 20.

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