Sanctuary care bonus

It was confirmed in the notes that returning dinos will give a dna reward.

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I believe the level of the sanctuary matters when you are feeding/interacting/playing with the dinos. Not necessarily when they are returned to you. This has really good info in it


It was confirmed in the notes that returning dinos will give a dna reward.

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@David_Courtney It was confirmed in the notes that returning dinos will give a dna reward.

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Agreed and same here.

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Triple correction points to you. :smile:

They didn’t make a huge thing of it like “some” isn’t a brag. Or imply is was dependant on level. But it’s there oopsie.

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So are you saying you recieved no DNA reward when they returned? Or recieved no DNA while interacting with them? If not contact support. Could be a bug

It seems like many of the “I got nothing” or “I only got 5 dna” posts did not take the time to actually read up on Sanctuaries. Please take the time to read through the announcement to understand a bit about how they function. No, we do not know all about them but the original Ludia post in announcements gives an outline. The link mentioned in post 50 above links to what we are finding out as we go along.

If you just tossed one in a left it, yes, you only got 5 dna for an Epic. That is not how you receive max benefits from them. If you received zero DNA form leaving one in a Sanctuary, do you know the return timeframe for it to be received?

This ^^^

Just got my level 20 velociraptor back from a level 7 sanctuary. The bonus was 45 dna.

Yeah clarification would be nice!

Maybe totalling that if you feed/interact/play at the right times. Haven’t been able to figure out the timing on that myself.

Do each interact every 3 hours to get max dna reward.

Touch and hold an interaction button to see if you will get the maximum for that type and class of dino. If you already fed one, then it should offer less DNA on the “touch-and-hold” popup. After 3 hours, you’ll see that max value come back.

Example: I wanted Monolophosaurus (the epic one). It would return 4/2/4 as max values. I would put one of each F/I/T on mine, and then look through the other shared alliance sanctuaries and find another player’s Monolophosaurus with 4/2/4 and hit that one as well… and so on.

If the value was 2/1/2, then I’d ignore it.

Interacts give the least amount of DNA, so people should spend interacts on rarer and higher leveled dinos. That way you will level up your sanctuary faster. In preview, you see how much DNA you’ll get as well as how many points would sanctuary gain. In addition, all players from alliance should try to level up one sanctuary. At least to see how far do rewards climb for feeding and playing.

This post has great info on interaction points.

In short, if we come back every 3 hours and play with our ding dong dinos in the cage, we can get almost as much DNA as we get in one darting session. We just need to spend the whole day doing it.

Basically, yes, that is about it.

If your alliance has a few sanctuaries with the creature you desire, finding a few different of that species and interacting one after another achieves the same results. If Rex is your target, find 3 different ones, interact with each and come back a few hours later and do it again. If there are none, throw a high level one in. Then, throw three of your own different creatures in a local sanctuary and forget about it. Two days later they come home with 5 dna each.

It is no windfall or grand source of dna, but if it is something you rarely encounter in the wild, it will add up… eventually. I think of it like opening a 3-hour battle incubator with a few dna, but I get to choose what that dna is.

By spinning drops, something you are going to do anyway, they give you 6 of each item per day. Ok, except for the 6-hour incubator, you do have to remember to open them. Why not just use then to get a small amount of target dna.

Sanctuaries are helping me get diplo to level 20. I should be there in just under two weeks. I’d have to wait for a special event otherwise.

Love sanctuaries.


Just got another 200s worth of Diplo from the sanctuaries and got a 20 fuse - Gemini now 140/250 :slight_smile:
Worst case scenario (all 10s) should get it in about 5 weeks - but hopefully will be sooner; shame that the only two other creatures I haven’t created need flyers so can’t use sanctuaries for those :frowning:

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