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Sanctuary DNA Nerf!

Have you noticed, that you get lower DNA rewards, when your creature comes back from a sanctuary?

Commons: 45 >>> 25
Rares: 15 >>> 9
Epics: ? Please tell me

This is not something terrible, but it’s sad! I’m close to Sarcocrixis , so I placed my Einiosaurus in my sanctuary, but when it came back, I got 25 DNA instead of 45…so I had to put it in a sanctuary again!

You sure.

Might depend on how long the sanctuary had left to expire. Below 2 days does not give full amount


Ok, thanks…I’ll see :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed any difference. I believe they made it better for higher level sanctuaries.

I don’t know seems fine to me

if you place quick before a sanc expires thinking youll get the full dna back, it wont happen. you will get very little back. i think it has to be in the full 48.