Sanctuary Error

I do not have a creature(velociraptor placed on my team) but when I try to add it to a sanctuary it says creatures on my team cannot be placed in sanctuaries. But it is not on my team

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is it on the friendly battle team?

Or try to look in the tournament team.

It is not on tournament battle team

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@Qiew I do’nt know,I have never done a friendly battle,I am playing since a month @Trollik I have played a tournament battle,I tried removing it from that team,but still doesn’t work

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So it was on the tournament team?
If it was and removing it didn’t work, that either means that it’s a bug and it’s actually still on your tournament team, or it’s also on your friendly battle team.

If it’s the former, then try logging in again and removing it.

If it’s the latter, go to your main team, and tap the option to view friendly battle team. You can remove it from there.

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I tried to remove it from the friendly battle team and also removed from tournament team,after that I played 3 friendly battles,however for some reason it was not removed from my team,I later attempted to login again,and it worked,thanks .