Sanctuary etiquette

Tell me if i am off base. If you come across a double digit sanctuary in your neighborhood that is not part of your alliance, do not put a common dino if it is filled with double digit epics or rare dinos used to build unique’s or apex dino’s.

Sanctuaries are public. If your alliance decides to turn it into a private endeavour, then they risk rogue placements.
Part of the game, part of the design. Might suck, but what can you do.

They’re on the map for a reason.


Agreed. It sucks but it is what it is. You’d think someone would have the common courtesy and respect to not mess something up.


Most likely someone who does that has no idea what a high level sanctuary is or how they are built. Not much can be done but live with it.


To think we had the opportunity to vote to make a sanctuary private and the community preferred the option to have coloured markers for their dinos!

As has been said, with the current way things are set up no one is doing anything against the rules by putting stuff in any sanctuary they come across, but it is nit a nice thing to do and I hope we get a way to ‘own’ a sanctuary so to speak at some point. It’s not like it would hurt as there are so many sanctuaries available out there.


I don’t think we had the option to vote on private sancs. I thought it was something about being able to see how many items were used on what dinos or something about seeing who uses what on what.


As others have pointed out, sanctuaries are public and not owned by any Alliance and nor should they. That’s one of the risks you run. Personally, I think there should be a private sanctuary built into the Alliance tab for members to use for this reason.

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These were the two sanct-related options. The first is great. The second would cause a lot of issues in co-ops.




I like the second option more. It really makes it worth putting creatures in sanctuaries. Every little extra DNA really helps.

I seldom ever see any occupied sanctuaries any more and I live in a 25K population city.

My suggestion is to have one of your top alliance members who lives in a much less populated area start the sanctuaries in some obscure place where the chance of another JWA player randomly coming across it is extremely small.

If you starting sanctuaries in some super populated city in an area full of hi-rise apartments, your upping the chance there are other players in that small area who will see this high sanctuary and throw a low level creature in it so they have it for use when they leave the area.

If I wanted, I could literally start a sanctuary out in the middle of a golf course, maybe not quite out of site but well out of range of residents and roads.

Grab a sanctuary out on some country dirt road out of range of homes between fields or woods.

I don’t have close access to the country where I live. I’m in a generally residential area with few apartment complexes, usually only 2 story, 3 at most. I think I’ve only had someone place a creature in one of my started sanctuaries maybe a couple times in the years I’ve played.


Thanks a lot for sharing that. I thought it was lost forever.

I’ve got all of them if you want them!

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