Sanctuary Exclusive Creatures: I want to hear your opinion!

Ever since Blue was put in the game, we have had creatures that were not able to be hunted in the wild. When Allosaurus G2 and Nasutoceratops were introduced in Update 1.9, these creatures got the name ‘Sanctuary Exclusive creatures.’ Now I’m not one to often complain about the game, but this is a thing that really ticks me (and I believe many others) off. So I want to do a bit of field research here on the Forum. What is your opinion about Sanctuary Exclusive creatures? Please tick one of the options in the poll below.

For some insight on what the current Sanctuary Exclusive creatures are, I’ve compiled a list of them:
Dsungaripterus, Scolosaurus, Brontotherium, Allosaurus G2, Nasutoceratops, Woolly Mammoth, Titanoboa, Diplodocus, Megaloceros and Blue (I think I got all of them, if not, please put it in the comments below).

  • Ludia should introduce more Sanctuary Exclusive creatures
  • Ludia should stop introducing more Sanctuary Exclusive creatures, but keep the current ones Sanctuary Exclusive
  • Ludia should stop making Sanctuary Exclusive creatures and release the current ones in the wild

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I’m just wondering when they’ll realize that if new and valuable dinos are out in the wild, players will spend more time playing the game trying to hunt them down, and maybe even be more inclined to spend $$MONEY$$ on it for VIP, scents, etc.

And none of that “only in the wild for a limited time!” crud.


Exactly, hey… I think they can make a scent full of sanc and tourney exclusive dinos… want a scent called exclusive scent that draws exclusive creatures? Give us 5$ and here’s the scent!

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I think even making them incubator exclusive could help a little bit. Or even arena exclusive. Then at least we have some sort of chance of getting the DNA.


Where is the fourth option?

Ludia doesn’t care what we have to say but here is another user submitted survey.

It literally took me two months if sanctuary grinding for gemeni and now its going to be almost a month before I grind enough sanke dna for dilohpoboa

Out of the two weeks titanaboa was in the wild I saw it once.

Hey at least you saw one. I and many others saw a big fat 0.

They need to be PvP rewards. Blue et al. we’re introduced as rewards for PvP. Get rid of the incubator exclusive stuff and give away the ultra exclusive stuff instead

I say release them in the wild. I’m bored of hunting for dinos these days, when 90% of them are ones I already have too much of.

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They should, in my opinion, improve upon this. First, there shouldn’t be a difference in levels compared to other creatures of their rarity when it comes to the sanctuary. For example, a player can’t interact/play/feed most rare creatures until level 6. However, you cannot do the same with megaloceros until level 11. This shouldn’t be in the game, especially if this player wants to participate in the tournament and can’t without diplodocus (which isn’t available until level 13 while other epics are at level 10)
Second, they can release 2 more creatures similar to these and have a daily mission creature while having a monthly pursuit creature. Like brontotherium is only out in April while allo gen 2 is out in May (and so on)

know what was stupid about FIPing epics, pachy was locked at lv 20. took forever to make smiloceph because of that.

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