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Sanctuary Gives Us More Ways To Win in Arena! (Dinosaurs can now Poop and have Stamina!)

Just go with me for a minute. Imagine if there were more incentive to interact with Sanctuary because feeding your dinosaurs strengthened their Health so that the health meter doesn’t fall below your maximum health. Imagine if playing with toys keeps it so the dinosaur stays strong keeping its armor up and not having its armor percentage fall along with its stamina bar that is new. And also imagine if interaction caused it to also poop after an animation it already performs.

Now, first off, yes all dinosaurs would be available in Sanctuary in this idea.

Now you can win a battle if the health bar is depleted, if the opposing dinosaur is beaten until the poop meter runs out and they defecate in the Arena. They lose. Or they lose if they run out of stamina and simply pass out from being too weak.

Lastly, I get that this will not be popular with a lot of people, but it forces you to play to keep every dinosaur on your Strike Team strong.

These bars would not be like you think. After a certain amount of depletions they would hit a scale in Sanctuary that requires so much interaction and you would restrengthen your Strike Team that way. The point is you can go in with less healthy dinosaurs now.

We may can even have Encouragement be a new interaction for them to poop and make the basic Interaction boost their Emotional Stability meter so they feel loved and aren’t depressed. But that may be taking it too far. This idea isn’t among my best. It’s just a thought I thought I’d share.

DINOS CAN POOP NOW!!!??? Im all in baby, were do i sign?

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Just support it here just like this and anyone else can as well. Think about this! This could be a separate game mode to keep Arena Classic then Arena with these new features.


I would also support a functionality that could see a new type of Carnivore Carnage meter fill up that would see it take a long time to build over several battles, but when you cash it in it can be used to instantly end a battle encounter by having your dinosaur (if it’s a carnivore) eat the opposing dinosaur.

If you are the victim of being eaten you would have your dinosaur that was eaten unable to be in battle for a certain period of time. The alternative idea was that it would remove an entire level off your dinosaur or remove it from your collection entirely, which would have to mean first off that this would be a very rare move to execute, but even still there would be far too much backlash.

So I’d just stick with having it go through a Digestive Shutout and once it expires you can use it again in battle.

These would make battle more engaging. I totally see this being a separate mode away from Arena Classic.

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I guess we could add new features such as food poisoning and you have to upkeep the food as well. Maybe.

More Arena Options

I really think splitting Arena may be a good idea actually. As much as people talk about it we could make this a Reality Arena, Arena Classic can be as we know it now and then make a 1 versus 1 Arena mode where you each go in with only one dinosaur and it’s maybe called Arena Duel. But we need more options.

Dino’s in the sanctuary can’t be used on strike or PvP teams till they come out in 48 hours or unless the sanctuary expires sooner.

What do you mean “incentive to interact with the sanctuary?” You literally farm free DNA from it. Is that not incentive enough?


We can alter that if we add these additions. I’m proposing an overhaul to the system entirely.

No just no. Sanctuaries are fine as they are

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I have to agree here. The game is already chocker with extra elements that we don’t need more. More creatures yes, not new game elements.

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But… poop. Seriously, did you read the original post only? It would add new Arenas. Think of the ability to drain stamina instead of health! It would add a new dynamic to healers being able to run out of stamina or beat the crap out of them, literally and it’s a loss.

But check out the Amendment. That adds the much needed Carnivore Carnage! Now just remember that’s like a very very rare thing that can only be done after so many battles and you cash it in. Think of it as being as rare as an Orbital Strike in Grand Theft Auto Online.

:t_rex: :poop:
an entelodon poop is a nightmare
oh so stinky

Why is it any more so than any other? Explain. What are your reasons? Diet? Something I’m overlooking?

have you smelled regular pig poop?* now imagine that but this time a terror pig

*I havent! too smelly!

But wouldn’t it stand to reason that the bigger the dinosaur the smellier? Think about it. Remember Jurassic Park? Those big mountains the lady stuck her hands in. The more the smellier by default thus titanosaurs would smell the worse.

No way a small mountain smells worse than a towering mountain that is far far superior in comparison to Mount Everest versus a toy car.

its not a contest
a titanosaur poop would ALSO be a nightmare

But it is a contest when we consider the size differential. Think about it, which would rather fall in?