Sanctuary ideas and QOL improvements

Since sanctuaries have been around we all have enjoyed the benefits of them and I for one think it was a great addition to the game. Some things that could make them better and help with the stress of having to manage them are:

  1. Allow the sanctuaries to be named. So that players do not need to scroll through the numerous ones in the tab.
  2. Have the player that creates the sanctuary be the manager. The manager will be responsible for naming the sanctuary and along with removal of creatures.
  3. Allow for creatures placed in the sanctuary to remain inside for the duration of the sanctuary. We all know how it is with player misplacement and trying to get players to reassess.
  4. The “payout” for the creatures inside the sanctuary will be awarded to the person who placed every 48hrs as it is now. (When they return)
    Any other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :blush:

Allow the “manager” of a sanctuary to to remove unwanted dinos. Regardless of how long the dino has been in the sanctuary.


That could be potentially unfair or be abused. Better to say that the person who placed the creature can choose to return it early, such as when it has enough DNA to level.


Can’t wait for any of the suggestions to happen.
Players that take care of the sanctuary are tiring out, constant reslotting dino just doesn’t make sense.

I would like to add that perhaps a dino that was not FIP by any player should be “temporarily dead” and “Greyed”, in this case we all know which dino is not wanted.

Sincerely, i hope this can happen soon, i believe most sanctuaries team players are crying as they not only need to sacrifice so much time maintaining, they don’t even dare to place their free dinos anywhere else just in case they need to slot an empty opening.

Pls take this as priority…


I disagree. If I start a sanctuary that my alliance shares with others, I don’t want random people being able to infiltrate that sanctuary. We work very hard to coordinate alliances together to get a level 20 sanctuary as fast as possible, with dinos that our alliances have voted for. When random people come by and drop in, it throws everything out of whack. There needs to be a way to combat that.


Maybe have an alliance sanctuary feature, puclic ones on the map would act the same but alliances ones wpuld be private to that alliance or those allies they share it with.


Now that I could get behind!

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Love this discussion! I’d suggest maybe having a “switch” for each sanc dino - toggle to “stay” for it to keep going back in the sanctuary for the duration (or until it’s turned off); leave off if you want it to return to its owner after 48 hours as “normal”. This would allow the permanent dinos to stay in without people needing to set alarms, make themselves available every 48h, etc. while also allowing for easy switching around of dinos when some are no longer needed in the sanc, or are being rotated with others.

I love the idea of having the option to make sanctuaries “private” within an alliance or co-op, while leaving the rest on the map as shared for whoever wants to use them. I could see this being abused and I’m wondering how it could be best implemented.

Shared/co-op sanctuaries take hard work, dedication, and considerable planning/management from a team of people. I have seen them cause rifts and arguments within and between alliances and players. The ability to streamline even some of this would be most welcome.


It would be FANTASTIC to have the greyed-out option for dinos that aren’t getting FIPs. Would provide a very clear indicator of what is no longer needed, as updating votes from a few hundred people across multiple alliances every sanc cycle is a challenge.

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All fantastic ideas so far! I like the idea of being able to track how many people actually interact with a particular dino. Graying them out is a great idea, but on the other end of the spectrum it would be cool to see the “top” dinos as well. So we know if they can maybe be doubled up on. Maybe something the sanc “manager” can see.

I would also like to see a timer of some sort to know when I last FIP a dino. Waiting 3 hours for maximum DNA means you have to be right on top of the schedule. I often use incubators to time it, but maybe a notification you can turn on or a timer showing when you last used sanctuary items so you know how much longer you have.


I’d love to be able to leave notes in sancs I come across in the wild. It would be a great way to connect with other players in my area.


A little kind of notice board within a public sanctuary would be nice, to leave a list of dinosaur suggestions for those who visit it, a message like “Requesting: Mono, Anky” and so forth.

I think we would need to kind of restrict messages to pre written things because you could have plauers trolling with vulgar messages, or worse having some sicko asking to meet up with children (horrible I know but the risk is there).


I just felt there are some other ways to keep the sanctuary “fun” other than having players to constantly reminding themselves to slot back the dino, which is “not fun”.
Since the game love RNG, perhaps allow the dinos inside to “call out” for any tools randomly and any player who spotted and used it gets extra DNA…
Objective is to eliminate the extra work from players which in my sense has no purpose.


Thats actually a really good idea about the call out thing, it could be a message like “The sanctuary need X for repairs or the dinosaurs need feeding” or something like that, and players can interact with it and get some sort of bonus for “helping to run” it sort of thing.

There wouldnt be any ACTUAL maintenance as you don’t want to have sanctuary shut down due to breaking or something, just a kind of mission sort of thing.

No only i think the sanctuary must rework, i believe is also a must that the dino slotted in the sanctuary will be rewarded much better by the duration it stays in the sanctuary.
No many players are willing to be part of the sanctuary team because they not only don’t benefit, they lose more from not being able to slot their free ones, yet all works are done by these players.
So with even better reward for slotting players, this encourage players to participate actively.

That is the problem and it has been raised on these forums before. While I can understand what you are saying, it doesn’t work. Sanctuaries are public and are designed to be that way. An Alliance cannot claim one for themselves and deny other players, local to that Sanctuary, from being able to use it. A suggestion may be, that an Alliance should have a tab in their page for a “virtual” sanctuary that they alone can use.


Totally agree with Idgt’s suggestions.

I also have some additional ideas of my own.
I really like the idea of having more control over your sanctuaries. Unfortunately right now sanctuaries are not owned by anyone. It would be ideal if alliances could claim a sanctuary for themselves (or have one by default), name it and share it with other alliances to help level them up faster and reap the rewards together.

I also think sanctuaries should be available for longer than 2 weeks and have more slots as we have more and more wanted creatures with each update.
I also think that creatures staying inside until the reset is a great idea. It is a taxing job to keep everithing reslotted and requires a lot of extra time from certain hard working alliance members who have to keep an eye out for returning dinos.
The only thing I would add is that players who slotted their creatures should be able to recall them, but sanctuary leaders/alliance leaders should also be able to “kick” them if needed.

One of my pet peeves is the cooldown on using tools on sanctuaries. Its really a chore having to return every 3 hours. I think that should be abolished.

Keep this topic going guys! Sanctuaries are a very interesting and teamwork focused part of the game. They really need some love :slight_smile:


I think a private sanctuary would also need a kind of alliance white list, because I can totally see a private sanctuary being accidentally or even deliberately shared with tons of alliances who weren’t meant to have access.

Basically that pure private sanctuary is now a sock drawer lol

I think if sanctuary is able to be seen in the game map it is a “public” item, just like supply stops, so not easy to “claim it”.
Unless we can “CREATE” a sanctuary within our own alliance then is different story.
A little fun of “fencing” against invaders, i think is ok as long we can take action against it…
The “sharing” of sanctuary can also be made easier, like any team can link up another as a “cổ-op alliance”…
A tap “to share” and “accepted” by the other is all it need…just like leader accepting a player to join…


I like the idea of sharing! That would be super helpful when coordinating.

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