Sanctuary ideas and QOL improvements

Yes! Making sharing among alliances a little more straightforward would be great. I can understand that sanctuaries are meant to be a little difficult; you have to coordinate and work with others to make them successful. But certainly there are some great suggestions here and I hope the developers take some of them under consideration.

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Another idea I would love to see implemented here would be a FIP counter. Just something that keeps track of how many feed, interact, and play a dino has recieved. Would be really cool to see the total count. Would also be very helpful for keeping track of what dinosaurs actually being interacted with. Then alliances can adjust accordingly to what is in the sanctuary easier.


@Ned @Ludia_Developers Not sure if you guys have looked at these advice, but just one simple thing would make our life so much easier:
Dinos stay in sanctuary forever unless 1. dino/sanctuary owner kick it out or 2. sanctuary expires.


Really hope more suggestions and opinions can be given to this sanctuary matter.
Even with teams ability to build lvl 20 and share among each other, it shouldn’t be so complicated with how much time needed to maintain it.
What’s the reason that dino has to return after 48hrs? To fix the DNA return?
If this has to be the way, at least let the players who are involved be rewarded better.

Imagine sanc invader dino can stay forever…Our coop will suffer.

Of course not…
As suggested, owner must have the ability to remove…
Best would be “sanctuary” be an item that can be created instead of being a public item.

give us waaaaay more dna for epics and such, 5 being the most we get is pathetic, bad job to the management team for sanctuaries

Going to be devil advocate here ( :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) but I’m not sure I think this is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having a dino remain in a sanctuary from launch for the entire 2 weeks can cause a few issues;

  1. Lose of flexibility. For example because Bary Epic was the daily reward, our co-op removed this dino from our Variety sanctuary and replaced with Baja. Some co-ops have a set dinos they guarantee will remain in but a few spots are open for players’ suggestions. A 2 week hold would kill this flexibility

  2. Tournament issues Over a 2 week period we’ll have 2 tournaments and often we switch out who places a dino to free up the ones folks want for their tournament teams. Again this goes back to point 1 - flexability

  3. Limits building strategy A partner alliance of my co-op has the most fabulous son who has a hiighly boosted level 30 Trex that graps 149 SP. Like a true team playere, for the first 48 hours he takes his Trex off his arena team and shares it in the sanctuary. The Sanctuary can be built to 20 in less than 48 hours and he can get his team back.

I can see the benefits of wanting the dino to stay in because it means the placer doesn’t need to think about it again for up to 14 days BUT and this is a big but, the trade off on these 3 points, I think puts us at a disadvantage.

And I told @VelocityRaptor that I would respond like 30 days ago but later then never. :wink:

Which actually makes me realise a 4th point…

  1. you wouldn’t be able to share in the current manor of when dinos come out, you share. You would have do organise a ladder approach - IE as it levels, you share which takes some serious coordination with multiple alliances.

It says right there to have the option of the owner to kick it out, thus replacing it with something else.

That negates your whole flexibility argument. @Steph

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Not sure what I read but clearly failed on that one. Thanks @Dinocop

If the owner/starter could remove at will and they could do it instantly then yes, that would solve all 4 issues but that HAS to be included. In fact, it would probably increase flexibility and help with sharing, especially considering time zones, though it takes some of the chaos fun out of the current structure. :wink:

@Steph I’m only in my first coffee too…:slight_smile:

I’m 2 in, clearly me so smart today

ideally…and the best of the best:

Master sanctuary is CREATED by alliance itself.
Master sanctuary is built as how is being done now, but with the flexibility that any player can simply remove any dino to replace the one he/she wish to FIP with.

No arguement, no headache, no poll needed…

One MASTER is enough, master only share for the purpose of getting from lvl 1 to lvl 20…

Share with 20 teams…ONE HOUR level 20…
:joy: :joy: :joy:

I started this Kentro themed sanctuary when I was in Life Found A Way. I am now back in Sand Dunes and I’ve been keeping it going ever since, along with other members of Sand Dunes, Life Found A Way, and Sand Dunes Jr. (my alt account alliance). It was going along nicely until today, when I discovered these two low-level commons in it.

I checked all three alliances, and none of the members matched the name of the player who added these commons. That means they were added by somebody walking by. The sanctuary is in a park across from my place, and until today nobody ever used it other than me and my alliances. Can we PLEASE get the ability to lock down sanctuaries so random strangers can’t add to them?


It will soon tired out all players involved with the “Planning, communicating, adjusting, Deciding, building, monitoring, chasing for slotting, sharing, kicking, replacing, re-voting”

Every TWO WEEKS, then daily, then hourly…

Full time job!!!

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Something else I thought of on this. It would be awesome to see how many sanctuary points a creature gives without having to put it in an actual sanctuary. Would make sanc planning so much easier.


That will be great of course, but to do this means each dino needs to have a “technical data”, which enable the details to be adjusted and be seen when tapping on them.
Most important issues of sanctuary is to remove them from map and be CREATED by own alliance, and allow sharing by them.
Anyone that’s not involve in building those lvl 20 needs to do it to “appreciate” how much time the team has to spend there.
If Ludia has players interest at heart they should and must adjust this issue immediately so the team can play happily and willingly.