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Sanctuary improvements needed NOW

@Ludia_Developers here’s a suggestion that might keep us sane during our pandemic lockdown.

  1. Reward 2 DNA to the owner of a dino that someone uses to collect DNA for their dino. Do this for every feed, play, interact an alliance member uses on it.

  2. Allow for more than 4 dinos to be put into sanctuaries. Limit 2 per sanctuary and up the number to 6.

  3. Instead of selling boosts, sell interactions.

Pretty sure this could get done by Sunday.

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#1 has issues for the large co ops.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing this myself, I think it’s a huge advantage for a select few.

…although it would certainly eliminate the chore of “Alright, who’s going to swap the creature at 3am?” it would potentially create havoc for co-ops via snipers.

I can’t get behind #1.

2 & 3 I fully support.


I have said #1 many times before and it nearly always gets shouted down by the “it helps spoofers and competitive players” proponents. Which just makes me feel that once again we are held hostage for no real reason. A little something every time a different player uses your dinosaur should net you something, even if it is just 1 or 2 DNA.

#2 I don’t see the point to. Four creatures is fine. Any more and #1 wouldn’t work as you want it to.

#3 I agree. Or at the very least sell them as well on occasion.


I could agree with this, if we didn’t have to share sancs to get to level 20.

Some teams have sancs shared with many, many alliances.

Imagine having that elusive creature that gets fipped by potentially 1k different players every 3 hrs. and getting just 1 or 2 DNA from each FIP.

That’s potentially 32k DNA. In 2 days from 1 creature.

I would benefit from this. I do not see it as fair or a good idea.

The numbers above are not unrealistic.

Believe me, part of me says YES!!! Let’s do this!!! The other part of me sees it wrecking the game even worse. Again: I would benefit from this, and I’m solidly against it without a DNA cap.


Number 1 seems too broken, and would encourage snipers a lot.
But the other 2 make sense, especially number 3 would be nice


I get that @DragonHunter, I really do, but at the same time I think there should be some small benefit to other’s using your creature. Maybe a small DNA bonus when it returns home perhaps?

Cap it at say… 10k DNA per swap per creature?

I’m good with that.

Not being snarky, it’s late in the day… people are leaving work and I’m here for another half hour.
Having zero cares to give, and it would potentially benefit me. I’m on the fence, but calling Epic deer and Carbo when this happens.

Maxxed Testacornibus in 2 weeks! Woot.

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I’m all for any extra dna i can get from the sancs. that I still have 90+ feeds from that goat bundle.

As a player trying to get tryko by fiping kentro
I fully support number 1.
I would say 2 dna per fip and cap it at
40 common
30 rare
20 epic
Collectable when full OR retrieved when dino gets back from sanc
I didnt do the math on the numbers but iI think they would Not break the game
But are high enough to make a difference from Time to time and allow for that one more fusion you desperatley need
What you u think?

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FIPing Kentro was the worst. good luck. and may your fuses be great.

I’m glad I never had to FIP Kentro. Got it all the time when it was in L4. Luck of the draw.

Up until early February I didn’t really care too much for sanctuaries.

Having played pretty much since launch they kind of passed me by and although I always had 4 dinos in that I needed, I never paid much attention to building them up.

Then my alliance joined ARK and we shared sanctuaries first with just one alliance and now with four.

My second account is in an alliance with ARK1 sharing with 18 alliances.

So if I put a Dino in that one there could be 900 players using their fip on my Dino. Giving me thousands of dna so the first idea is a big no as it would break the game.


Okay, so this is new to me. What is a sniper? I’ve never heard of that term for this game.

in terms of sanctuaries, it is someone who will target and wait for a minuscule opening in a high level sanc to place their own dino in. this typically messes up rotations and it’s difficult to get a sniper out once in.


It is the reason why I don’t think Alliances or groups of them, should lay claim to a given sanctuary. They aren’t meant to be dominated by a single group but are meant to be used by everyone.

if only it were easier to reach a lv 20 sanctuary. maybe a single alliance can do it relatively easily (still would need coordination and timing) but still relatively difficult for individuals to do so.

I agree but on these forums I have seen comments from Alliances who think a given sanctuary should only be for them which isn’t how it works or was meant to work.

agreed. they are meant for everyone.

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I agree with all of these i think this would be a really good change for sanctuaries i think that depending on the level DNA produced per interaction is increased by some degree.

You mean like its a huge advantage to people with money to just throw at the wall without a care of the world?