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Sanctuary in way

When using a scent I’ve come across sanctuary’s preventing me from selecting dinosaurs. It just keeps selecting the sanctuary’s instead of say a velociraptor. The first time I was like cool. But this happens at least once a week.

Have you tried not opening a scent next to a sanctuary?

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This used to be an issue with strike towers but they managed to fix that. This should have been fixed before it was an issue.

I’m sorry that happened, jeremy2. If this happens again, could you try force closing and restarting your game and see if the dino spawns outside the Sanctuary?

I get this a lot when playing from home. Dinosaurs appear just behind the Sanctuary and the game won’t let me pick the dinosaur. It’s rather frustrating.

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I had this problem last night. A Velociraptor spawned on top of a sanctuary, and of course every time I tapped on it I got the sanctuary instead. Bad memories of the days of dinos stuck in strike towers! :rage:

Still happens to me. At least once a week!

Stay away from the sanctuaries! You can go over the fence, hop through the garden behind the pond, ignore the dogs at the fence and run before the police comes because of the alarm. Maybe you’ll even find a Carbo in the process!

Switch tabs. Go to your lab for a few seconds then back to the map. The Dino’s will load in a split second before the sanctuary will. If you’re quick enough you can get that dino before the sanctuary loads in. Right now, this is the only option I know of.

Still not fixed. I’ve been playing this game for a month and there are tons of obvious bugs. Step it up dev team, this is aweful for the amount you charge for VIP and store items

I have a sanctuary in front of my home and it is really annoying when scents are active.
Supply drops were moved around over time but this sanctuary stayed.
Hopefully the next version allows to switch off sanctuaries temporarily.