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Sanctuary Issue

Sorry if I’m being thick,

I put 5 dinos in a sanctuary yesterday. The sanctuary on my map is now showing as empty. If I go in it tells me I cant add any as I have 4 in already.

If I go to my dinos and click on the ones in the sanctuary already, it says to enter that sanctuary there. I click that button but nothing happens. Click it a few times and it pops up with ‘this sanctuaru is overworked. Come back in one minute’. Nothing happens a minute later!

So I cant get in to interact with my 4 already added and I cant add any new ones, so that’s 3 daily challenges I cant complete today.

Any help would be appreciated. Ta.

Hey Doomsayer316, if you already have 4 creatures in another Sanctuary, you won’t be able to place more in until they’re returned to you.

If you’re having trouble entering your Sanctuary, could you try closing and relaunching the game and then tap on the “Enter” button again?

Cheers. Yeah I get that I have 4 in so cant add more. It’s just I cant access those 4 so cant interact with any at all.

Restarted several times to no avail. :frowning:

Do you have a screenshot of what happens when you tap the Enter button? I’d be happy to take a look for you. :slight_smile:

I think everybody’s just confused on how the sanctuary’s work. Why is it that they only stay in the sanctuary for a day, but then we can’t get them back until after two days? Is this to space out the dinosaurs? Is it to get us to open up more sanctuaries? I think just some clarification on the breakdown of how it works will be nice.

The OP isn’t confused how it works, they are saying that when they tap on the dino in their dinodex to go to the sanctuary it does nothing, when it should taken them there. That’s not confusion, that’s an issue.

As for your question, they don’t stay in the sanctuary for a day, the sanctuary is shared with the alliance for a day, but the dinos stay in the sanctuary for 48 hours.

It generally doesn’t nothing, then get this after a few attempts.

Image added below. Cheers

Hmm, I don’t think I’ve had that message appear for my Sanctuary. :thinking: Does this happen as well when you try to tap Enter with the other dinos who were in the same Sanctuary?

Yes. All of them. I cant access any. So frustrating.

…That and friendly challenge is back. :frowning:

I’m going to be completely honest and say I’m not really sure why the message is appearing. :persevere:

I’ll ask our team about this, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get more information. Sorry about that! @Doomsayer316, I can understand the frustration.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Hey @Doomsayer316, thanks for your patience. We would like to ask you to send an e-mail to our support team who will be happy to help you deal with whatever the issue is. Could you reach out to our support team here at and provide them with that information plus the screenshot?

I don’t exactly understand what @Doomsayer316 's problem is, but I am guessing the same problem I has.

If I go in a Sanctuary and place a Dino in it, I can access that Dino for 24hrs unless one of my Alliance member place one of their own and it’ll extent for another 24hrs. The Sanctuary is shared with Alliance only for 24hrs but the Dino will not be available for 48hrs. So the problem is, we cannot interact with the Dino we place after the Sanctuary expires. The Dino will no longer be shown in the expired Sanctuary, and we cannot place another one until one of the Dinos we place return.

One question though - How are you able to place 5 Dinos?

When the sanctuary sharing expires after 24 hours the dinos in it will remain in the sanctuary until their personal 48 hours is up. If your dino is in someone elses sanctuary that expired you can still access that dino by going into your personal dino collection, tapping on that dino, then tapping on ‘enter’. The issue @Doomsayer316 is having is when he taps that enter button he gets the issue shown in the screenshot.

Sanctuary get slot increases every time it levels up, so when you level it up you get a 5th slot which you can add a dino to as long as you haven’t already placed 4. If you have placed 4 already then other members of your alliance can place dinos in those extra slots. Any individual cannot place more than 4 dinos at a time.

That’s my problem, I cannot enter the Sanctuary after it expires even if I have my Dino in it.

I OP said je/she placed 5 dino.

Sorry . Typo. I put 4 dinos in.

My issue is as @GPx said above. I cant get in my sanctuary to interact. Clicking the button does nothing . After a few clicks I get an error.

My Dino are not in the sanctuary . it shows that it’s empty. I go into the Dino section and try to enter there and I can’t get in, even though it telling me it there.

I have that same problem. Placed 3 Dinos in sanctuaries of our clan members. Can access two of them via Dino overview but my Erli2 can not be accessed. Click the button and nothing happens.

Same issue. Can not access sanctuary and receiving error code