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Sanctuary items for sale


That’s actually a decent microtransaction. I’d say it’s occasionally worth it.


Absolutely. $2 for all that? Great deal!



Some sort of micro transaction!

Attn: Ludia

I went and bought one right away!


I bought it as well…more to show Ludia this is what they should be selling instead of boosts…


I bought that bundle as well. Google survey money spent well.


They totally ripped this box/bundle off from Pogo. A new box entered the shop last week that you could buy with real money (that never happens) and also uses a Trainer name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not gonna buy it myself but looks decent.

Interesting. I’m not buying it though because Ludia haven’t done anything to prove they deserve the money.


Improve green drop count and I’m happy to buy as it is a good offer. Then I’d be happy to part with £2

Bought it too.

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I’ll buy it later today when I max it my sanc item attempts. Dont want to loose anything.

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I would use hard cash on this but not real money. I’m glad to see they offer this now.

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Beats paying €21.99 for a single dino IMO.

The game used to be very big on microtransactions, which I often purchased, but once they started getting expensive, I gave up.

This is right here is perfect

We have been wanting a way to but sanctuary actions since the beginning and this is honestly the best way they can get monetize the game cause sure as hell I would by it plus with a rare scent and 250 darts I’m sold.

These small but useful bundles are what they need to use for the game instead get this incubators bundle only for the small price of 49.99


Oh now I feel ripped off. Bought one for €2.29 today.
Based on today’s exchange rate, that’s $2.57.

I know 57c is small change, but it’s the principal of the thing!

I bought it as that was pretty much exactly what I had saved thanks to to Google Survey’s.