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Sanctuary Items Missing

I collected my Alliance Championship Rewards and then had to refresh my game when it froze up on me. When I went to go use my sanctuary items, I noticed that I was missing all of the items I received from my Alliance Championship incubator.


Same thing happened to me

Same. But I can’t say I’m surprised…


First got that Servers were overloaded, than lost all the FIPs I had

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I’m guessing that’s what is happening here? Gotta love Ludia :woozy_face:


Lost all my items too. Do you want a ticket or are you aware?

@Ned can you please look into this i am missing these items as well as my alliance

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Same here, lost all of my sanctuary items

Hey everyone, our team has been notified about this! :mag:


Same here…

I used some as soon as I collected, now it reset to what I had before

Exactly the same here. Fuming but not surprised.

This has happened to me and someone else in the alliance I’m in please fix this, they haven’t shown up yet at all.

Same for me!

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Slow claps well done Ludia you still somehow find a way to mess up after three years.

Same here. Argh, I would like to use them while we still have 4 level 20 sancs please.

I didn’t exactly lose them all, they just reset to the limit once I logged out. Still sucks.
Screenshot_20210607-093324_JW Alive


Same here. :confused:

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Yup. Finished at Tier 10, got 40/40/40, spent about 8 of each, had to restart and then all gone! Boosts and DNA are still there but not the FIPS


That’s what I observed too. Started at 0/0/0 before accepting the rewards, got the 30/30/30 from the rewards. Used 7 each on FIPs straight away and logged out with 23/23/23 remaining. Logged back in to see 5/1/5 left. So it recognized that I used some but subtracted it from the base Max values of 12/8/12.