Sanctuary Kickout

There needs to be an option to kick out a dinosaur that shouldn’t be in a sanctuary. The person that created the sanctuary should be given the option to kick out a dinosaur that they don’t want in there.


What kind of Dino would hurt a Sanctuary?

Indominus Wrecks


dinos that dont fit the theme. low level dinos that dont give high sp. those would hurt the progression of the sanc. also, the sanc creator needs to be able to reshare the sanc so they need a free spot to do so.

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Need to be able to name sanctuaries , add basic rules … that would do pig, that would do


Sanctuaries are public, no-one owns them. If your alliance has rules for shared sanctuaries and someone doesn’t follow them, you can warn them and kick them out of the alliance if they continue. I definitely don’t think it should be possible to exclude someone who placed a creature in a sanctuary by being physically present at it, since they have the same right to the sanctuary as the person who placed the first creature in it.

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in that case then allow us to alliance lock the sancs and if the locals want in on it have them apply to the alliance.

They aren’t just alliance sanctuaries though. It’s just a bonus that it’s shared with the alliance. If you don’t want other people getting into the sanctuary, you may have to time when a Dino comes out so you can put another in right away. It tells you the time they have left. Shouldn’t be too hard to get another Dino in

well. maybe ludia will listen and make these changes. and its obvious that we are aware of the timers and when to place.

I guess I don’t understand why you need to kick dinos out if you can time when to replace Dinos. They wouldn’t be there in the first place if you or an alliance member is ready with the next Dino you actually want in there. Would rather the devs be working on alliance tools lol

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I agree. Sanctuaries are public. I don’t know why there are people asking for privatizing them from time to time. If I can privitize them, and I don’t allow anyone including OP to enter without my permission, I doubt how the OP feels.

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because id rather correct the mistakes myself rather then kicking out a member because they have a hard time following rules.

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the local aspect is different. maybe they could make it so that local cant be kicked but alliance members can be from shared alliances. we then can find a remote location where theres no activity and start a sanc.

Sanctuaries are public, and that’s how it should be. Otherwise you run into the same issue as Pokego wherein a dedicated group of players can hold a single spot to their heart’s content. There are plenty of sanctuaries, and a dedicated alliance isn’t any more important or deserving than a dedicated lone player who happens to use a sanctuary that’s near them. You also don’t know people’s circumstances, if I kept getting booted out of the sanctuary I can reach from my apartment because some alliance suddenly decided that they and they alone own it, I certainly wouldn’t be happy.

No one is preventing you from getting DNA, if there’s an issue with a certain sanctuary having random dinosaurs put into it, then there’s always the option of organizing with your alliance to take a less used sanctuary (a dedicated alliance has a lot more manpower than a single person who happens to be playing the game on their own terms)

Furthermore, people who happen to be playing alone and who aren’t part of the alliance wouldn’t know that an alliance had taken over that sanctuary, or that alliance had plans or anything of the sort for that sanctuary. It would be needlessly cruel to eject someone just because an alliance would be big enough to bully them out by way of simply being an alliance.

Perhaps it would make sense if alliance leaders could move alliance dinosaurs or remove them from a sanctuary, but an alliance should never ever be able to bully or effect the experience of a lone player and their local sanctuaries simply by way of being an alliance, being part of an alliance shouldn’t give that manner of power over another non alliance player’s experience, fullstop.

There are two things that need to be addressed:

• Sanctuaries should last longer than 2 weeks so they can be leveled up higher

• The 24-hour timer needs to go

What does it hurt if a non-alliance member puts the “wrong” dino in a sanctuary? I would be happy to find an occupied one in the nearby small town. That player may become a future alliance member and friend.


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im with you on the fact that sancs should last more then 2 weeks. that would solve alot of issues.

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in fact that would fix this. i still think there should be alliance tools once a sanc is shared but thats just me being greedy.

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This is why I suggested this -

no doubles is a bad idea and counter productive. that gives the smallest bit of variety in gains…

Yeah I get what you mean. Perhaps it could have rules so you can have 2 of the same Dino? or possibly even more than one alliance sanctuary.

My alliance makes a bunch of sanctuary with all of one Dino type in it. Such as all raptors, all Kentro and so on.