Sanctuary Kickout

i dont understand why you would go against the gains? the objective of this game is to gain and that would solve alot of issues with players.

Yeah when I made the suggestion I was trying to setup an alliance sanctuary where set “popular” dinosaurs could only be placed in it, but members can putting doubles and crappy dinosaurs like common FishFrog and such, so abandoned the idea as it was not possible to enforce it.

But now we have a sanctuary for all one type, which is working nicely.

im actually lost on your point lol sorry. i do think that month long sancs would actually be a big problem solver to all this. i hate that ludia doesn’t think more about giving us the controls we need.

i have a sanc that i start locally. its irri/bary. got it to lvl 7 day 2.

Well when sanctuaries first came out, I was trying to create an “Official” alliance sanctuary, where we would only place popular dinosaurs in it, and could then all focus on it.

Like this
Slot 1: Raptor
Slot 2: Kentro
Slot 3: Anky
Slot 4: Mono

And so forth, and only have THOSE highly needed dinosaurs in it, but members kept putting rubbish in it, and taking the last slot so I couldn’t reshare it.

So now we have a few sanctuary like this -
Kentro Sanc
Slot 1: Kentro
Slot 2: Kentro
Slot 3: Kentro

And also a raptor sanctuary, and an Anky sanctuary :slight_smile:

yeah. its hard to keep things organized thats why this thread is important. we have those aswell but it took us to lead by example to get it done.

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Yep we are finding that as time goes on our members learn where to put things so soon it will be 2nd nature.
But if the leader had a tool to create a “official” one with built in rules, we could have a sanctuary where you could only place the whitelisted dinosaurs, and anything else couldn’t be placed in it, to keep it “clean”.
This would only be for the alliance leaders created sanctuaries though, not public ones.

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I cant see it happening anytime soon though since we don’t even have tools to see when a member was last online, as Ludia seems to be “tool” phobic.

Cant even fix alliance chat after nearly 8 months lol