Sanctuary Leveling has little value

From what I have found no increasing have been made to the amount of DNA received for leveling sanctuaries. The amount of coordination and constant badgering in a limited chat window just to get my clan a level 8 sanctuary is exhausting. The reward is almost unnoticeable unless you actually take notes on the increases.

Why not increase these benefits? Perhaps it is easy for other clans to get to high level sanctuaries, but from my experience achieving this is quite a feat. Reward this dedication or just get rid of the leveling system…what’s the point?

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I would look into this thread. It may help a bit.


TS is right though. The amount of effort outweighs the amount of dna. Such a hassle for so little dna. Especially since the FIP tokens from drops have been reduced and you need to buy packs to actually grind enough for a single fuse… giving you… 10…10


There is only a point in levelling up the sanctuary to 20 where you get at least twice as much dna per fip and this is impossible without being a part of a group of alliances.

So check out ARK as Qiew suggested.

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Returns for lvl 20 sanctuaries are pretty noticeable, but yeah usually needs a few alliances to work on it which is a big hassle. But yeah, from say, a lvl 5 to a lvl 10, the difference is barely noticeable, think dino level has a greater impact at that point.

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You need at least 4 alliances and a lot of high demand high level dinos. You need a few high level players who have above dinos, 1 of which will bring the dinos to each alliance. Then 2 days set aside to just FIT the high SP dinos even if you dun need the DNA. The last 12 days you will have a lvl 20 sanc and be able to enjoy the fruits.

Joining ARK or BOB would be recommended since both are able to help alliances.

If you have a good team and willing to work together, it isnt that that bad a hassle.

The amount of DNA you from lvl 20 allows you to get 100 DNA in 4 FITs. So 12 hours per 100 DNA.

Those little DNA gains are cumulative.
1000’s of additional unobtainium epic DNA over months.
If it wasn’t worth the effort, no one would be doing it.
That being said, I wouldn’t say no to even more. :slight_smile:

I am part of ARK, but I agree with the OP that the level of coordination needed to reach high level sanctuaries was probably not what the developers envisioned.

It is truly amazing what has to happen to reach level 20 before the sanctuary expires in 2 weeks.

It works for the cooperatives, but I just can’t believe this is what the game devs wanted to happen.

My statements are not intended to detract in any way the achievements made by the amazings co-ops out there. (ARK and BOB)


If you are just a player in a co-op alliance, it probably seems like no big deal.

As an alliance leader in ARK, I realize and witness the amount of coordination, teamwork and logistics needed to make it happen. There is a tremendous amount of work being done behind the scenes.

If you don’t see it as “that that bad a hassle”, I’m guessing you’re just enjoying the fruits of someone else labor. I could be wrong in my assessment, if I am I apologize in advance.

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I never thought of it like that.
I don’t think it’s detracting at all.
It’s simply the truth and makes sense.
The biggest ingame organization is an alliance.
It should be doable by a single alliance.


I’ve been in co-ops with NoGutsNoGlory as well as Dilligaff. The time it took and the amound of communication all outside of the game of course as there’s no way to communicate within… at the same time making sure none of your own members places his raptor lvl 2 or echo lvl 6… it drove me nuts. :joy: all of you who continue doing this for their members are true hero’s. RaptorRedemption won’t do any of that we’ll settle for lvl 6 to enjoy 3 days before expiration :see_no_evil::blush:


In case you didn’t notice, this game is either about paying or grinding, and leveling up a sanctuary is simply a way to grind a little bit faster. But it’s also about alliance and playing as a team, so sure enough, if your alliance is up to it, joining a group like ARK to make leveling up sanctuary feasible, in a short time, is the next step.

Come join us on the ARK and learn what a sanctuary is all about.

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The sanctuary’s have helped me get quite a few creatures I wouldn’t have right now to team level. They are slow but getting in my 6 FIP’s per day when I keep up with it has gotten me a long ways with getting creatures that you just can’t find or are exclusives.

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Agree sancs is useful to help lvl up dinos. Managed to lvl up my dentist to lvl26 with sancs + epic events. A few weeks before the brachio epic event, I just kept on spamming brachio dna in my alliance sancs, and used all the attempts on brachio. Got just enough to push the dentist over the line.

this right here. and even if you are lucky enough to score that 20, and level up your dino, you get to experience going into battle vs a lower level have there’s crit and your’s not to make it even more meaningless

Thanks for the input.

Trying to get a higher level sanctuary in a single, random alliance is near impossible. Months of daily, in-game messaging, getting around language barriers, trying to explain how “we need to work together” is unbelievably frustrating with little reward.

If Ludias goal was to keep the game self contained, meaning not utilizing tools like ARK, than the sanct leveling is fail in my opinion.
That being said, it is what is, thank you everyone for your input… I’ll see you in ARK than!


I’m having the same issues with my alliance I wish there was a way as alliance leader to limit the amount of sanctuaries that could be opened at one time and I really wish the in game communication system was better. Alliance leaders need more tools to be able to control an alliances strategy in game with out being forced to kick valuable players who don’t have the time to read the chat


A problem I have is that sanctuary leveling encourages you to waste coins, epic DNA (which you could use for fusing hybrids) and boosts.

The vast majority of us aren’t endgame players who can afford to spend the coins, epic DNA and boosts necessary to get the most from sanctuaries by having L30 boosted epics.

By tying sanctuary progression to these factors, it negates the whole idea that an alliance of 50 players should be able to get to L20 just through its own teamwork.

It also gives an incentive for harsh alliance policies that say to new and casual players “you’re here to have fun, but you’re holding us back if you don’t play for several hours every day to make dinos we want in our sanctuary”

The way I see it, there are three hypothetical solutions (or some combination of these):
*Formalize co-ops of alliances inside the game
*Adjust sanctuary leveling mechanics (more xp for FIPs, make sancs expire later than 14 days, more FIPs, etc.)
*Everyone contributes the same for each FIP they use, regardless of progression. Cumulative effort and teamwork to reach L20 is all that matters.