Sanctuary Mechanics

Can anyone explain how sanctuaries work in detail?

The in-game tooltip says raising the level increases the DNA you receive, but I have never received more than 2-6 on epics when in the sanctuary and exactly 5 when they return.
I saw a post saying someone can get 100 DNA from a creature returning, so how does one go about this?

Thanks in advance

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Getting 100 on an epic returning isn’t possible. You can fip up to 100 of epic dna per day I think.

That makes more sense

Any idea on how the level of sanctuary correlates to DNA received from each FIP? I know every 3 hours the dino resets, but I always get the same value. Sinoceratops for example I always get 3-4, 2-3, and 5 respectively. It would be nice to get like 10 per use since uniques take so much dna to level up.

Amen! I’ve always tried to hit the higher levels, but i’ve no idea why since there’s never any additional reward!

Each dinosaur gives sanctuary points when interacted with. higher lv and boosted creatures will give more. at certain lvs, the sanctuary will yield more dna per interaction ( i think its every 2). At lv 20, the sanctuary will yield over 100 dna per day for epic dinosaurs. the amount you receive after the sanctuary expires and your creature returns seems to remain the same.