Sanctuary Missions should not be in the Daily Mission pool

Today I will not be able to complete my Daily Missions for that precious epic DNA.


Was I too lazy? Did I not fire enough darts? Did I need more Rare DNA? No.

I needed to Feed Dinosaurs in the Sanctuary 6 times.

Seems easy enough right? Well I’ve reached the cap from both regular supply drops as well as event supply drops and was only able to feed 5 times.

There is no way for me to get a 6th Food item. I am capped out, Interactions are the only item dropped from 6-hour incubators, and there is currently no way to purchase more through the market. I would have had to save these items from the day before in anticipation of this exact mission. This is problematic when the game encourages the player to level up a Sanctuary as high as possible to get the most DNA before it resets.

As such, these missions should not be what limits players from reaching their epic DNA, as it is currently the only mission with a hard lock on whether it can be completed day-to-day.


I agree completely I love the sanctuaries but we need to take the off the daily it makes it hard as all heck to finish now.


Agreed. At least lessen the required amounts


limit reached and 1 last interact not found , RIP daily mission

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Agree. After one day break I’m again at 6/6/6. Probably will manage to do it today, but surely won’t push it every day if it stays at 6/6/6. Just not worth it for Pachy.

Max should be 3/3/3 for daily.


Totally agree. No one round here seems to be playing Jurassic anymore so there are no dinos in any of the sanctuaries to interact with. I can only put my own in. I have no chance of completing the daily.

I lost a daily reward like that too. You have to not exceed the daily amount and be sure to collect the supply drops when the timer reset runs out. I think it does once or twice a day.

I do agree it takes some planning but if you save items until the daily mission reset, it’s not difficult. And, even if you only have one Dino to use them on, you can still use all of them in a pinch on it.

  1. Get an alliance
  2. how many dinosaurs are in a sanctuarie has nothing to do with you being able to fullfill your daylie

Yeah great for you guys living more or less in the same timezone, i am not going to set my alarm clock for 2 or 3 am to be able to just get it right. Resource drop restarts every 24 hours, same as daily missions, them only 5 hours later. Besides that point, if you make it a day, your screwed for the next daily missions. So conclusion is very simple FIX IT.

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Sorry but this is completely wrong. You can put 4 dinos in a sanctuary yourself and interact with those. How does that stop you from completing the daily? Just feed/play etc 6 times, doesn’t need to be 6 different dinos.

It doesn’t have to be the exact minute that daily missions reset. If you wait till the morning, you will still get the same time to finish your missions & collect items. Just have a build of 6 of each item & you will always have enough items. It will still equal the same amount if you do it this way. You may loose 1 daily mission reward to set up. Besides, that’s why ludia had it build up over several missions. Did you notice it was 1 the first time, 2 the second, and so on?

It’s the interaction tokens that can be problematic. If I get my free incubator (the source for 2 interaction tokens) in the morning 6:00AM it will be 6 hours before I can collect the next one. Lunch is 11:00AM-11:30AM so still too early to collect the next one. By the time I can collect it I’ve already returned to work and will have to wait until the work day ends to collect it. So usually it’s 5:00PM-6:00PM before I can collect the next free incubator. Then it will be another 6 hours (11:00PM-12:00AM) before the next one is available and I’m already in bed by then.

So work days on average I can get 4 interaction tokens a day.

Food and Play are not a problem but there should be another source for the Interaction tokens. If they made them available from all incubators that would help greatly.

I don’t get all three FIP missions every day so I only do what I have to and nothing more. I save the tokens I didn’t use because I didn’t have that mission. With 2 accounts I play. I only do as much as I have to so I end up with 12 of these items before bed for the next day after spinning 5 to 10 drops after the reset time. There is getting too much to keep up with.

I agree. I noticed it kept going up each day until it reached 6. Then I had a day break and then I had 6 again.

The only way I’ve reached it is wait until the daily reset 8pm eastern time for me. Then spin my drops until I get one.

The other issue is we try to horse our F/I/T because we are scared we will get these awful daily missions. This makes it where we lose out on potential dna and sanctuary points.

It needs an adjustment. Make it like 2 or 3 max.

I’ve only been interacting as much as required by the daily missions and haven’t come up short yet. Pretty hard to gain dna from interacting if the limitations are set as extreme as they are.

I had to keep on top of the free incubator every 6 hours to get my required items.

I thought they were removed for good yesterday. I was wrong.

Once you hit 6, you only get each sanctuary task every other day (just like all other missions once you hit the max). So as long as you limit your interaction with sanctuaries to the bare minimum required, you only have to collect 6 every 2 days which is much more doable.

Of course this takes ALL fun out of interacting with sanctuaries if there was any to begin with and makes it 100% a job, but it is at least manageable once you get the hang of it.

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