Sanctuary not loading in

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Bug Description:Sanctuaries not loading in

Area is was found in:map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open the game while you have a bad internet connectiom
Step 2 - no sanctuaries will load on the map
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:occasionally

What type of device are you using:samsung adroid(kind of forgot the version)

Anything else?

There is supposed to be a sanctuary right next to the blue strike tower but there isn’t

I feel like that may be part of the problem… depending on what u mean by bad internet

It means if you open jwa while having a low internet connection if a purple radar appears at the top of the screen that means the internet connection is a bit low

You can just go into the alliance shared sanctuaries. I haven’t opened a sanctuary on the map in quite a bit

It’s really hard to find an active alliance

I mean, a few options would be
To look through the alliance part of this forum and look through the “ALLIANCE NAME now recruiting!!!” and contact the posters to see if spots are available on an alliance that sounds good for you
You could make a topic describing what your looking for with your progress(trophies, team, arena, raid availability, etc) and wait to see if people comment stuff inviting u to something or finding something for you
if you have discord, go through JWA servers and basically do what option 2 was