Sanctuary options

We really try to keep our sanctuaries organized in our alliance, but people sometimes mess it up and we have strangers putting in dinosaurus.

Could we get:

The option to claim sanctuaries for our alliance mening only members of our alliance can put dinos in them ( none alliance members should still be able to interact with the dinos).

The option for an alliance leader, co-leader and officer to remove an unwanted dino that has been misplaced in a claimed sanctuary.

The option to give the different sanctuaries names such as epic, rare, common, hybrid and so on.


As useful as this would be, the whole idea of sanctuaries is for them to be found by people wondering near them. So it should always be their right to claim a spot.
Otherwise what’s the point of them being on the map?

Giving them a name would be great though.


Exploitable. Alliance leaders could remove dinos at the request of players and they could just FIP once and get it back. A way to avoid this would be the dino goes into purgatory, where it is still on the 2-day timer, but isn’t in the sanc.

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Would have to be one sanctuary claimed for the leader and one for the co leader

I don’t have it. Yet it will be soon

You have to remember that sanctuaries don’t belong to Alliances and are for the use of all players.

While we are on the topic, why don’t we add a ‘search’ option for us to search for dinos in a sanctuary. I’m sick of flipping through 3 sancs to see which one has Irritator

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I don’t know

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