Sanctuary “overworked”? No, it’s empty

So the Tarbosaurus of a lot of my alliance members are placed in a sanctuary near my house. We always monitor which sanctuary will expire and place a creature in time. We cluster our sanctuaries to get max dna per sanctuary per creature. Well the Tarbosaurus sanctuary wasn’t expiring for another 13 hours last night (8 hours ago) and now it disappeared from our shared sanctuary list. Also if I go to my tarbo and try to enter the sanctuary from there I keep getting this message. And the sanctuary they were placed in… is now empty. image image

I’m getting the same problem, the sanctuaries near my house are empty but if I try to put creatures in them it says I’ve already got 4 creatures in a sanctuary. If I go to the creature that is placed in the sanctuary it shows me that its in there but if I click on ‘enter’ nothing happens, yet I can go into sanctuaries shared by other members of my alliance

Hey DPG members, our team has been made aware of this issue. If you haven’t already, could you send your support key and any related screenshots you have to our team at It would be really helpful for our team’s investigation. Thanks!