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Sanctuary points advice

Hey guys!

Was wondering if anyone knows what gives off the highest level points towards leveling up the sanctuaries?

We are trying to figure out what is the best high level dinos to get our co op sanc to level 20 as fast as possible.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

I too am curious about level 20 Sancs.

On average how much does FIP give you on epics, rares, commons in those?

Couldn’t really tell you off the top of my head but for epic I believe it can be up to around 20 give or take the dino you are using your fips on

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its mainly epics at higher levels i think. Dont quote me on that. i just know that the higher level a creature is, the more xp it gives.

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We use mostly overleveled epics.
L30 Rex, Diplo, Rhinos.
You can get 18+/- Dna from epics with one rotation.
50~ for Rares. And i dont know about commons ( dont you every use FIPs for commons).

We have a big strawpoll every other month, after that we know what dinos are requested. And based on that we level 3 sanc to 20.