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Sanctuary Points from non boosted Epics

Hello fellow Hunters!

Me and my alliance buddies recently discovered, that some epics throw out different amounts of sanctuary points on the same level non boosted…

We are trying to get our Shared Sanctuary up as fast as possible and try to figure out the best dinos.

It seems there are specific requirements for a dino to throw out more points:

  • Incubator Exclusive
  • came from later Updates around 1.12 maybe

My question to you : Can u confirm that? Or maybe even share some screenshots from a LvL 20 Diplodocus, Mammoth, Titanoboa or other Incubator Exclusive Dinos?

Thanks forward.

A few updates ago, carbonemys lost a little hp. I noticed my carbo gave a little less sanctuary points after that nerf.


Hey you should come join us at @ARK (Alliance Resource Korner) you will find everything you need to know about Sanctuaries and more there.


Thx for the invite, but i’d rather discuss this with the community here… Did u even noticed what i meant? A Lvl 19 Diplodocus/Boa/Mammoth gives more SP than a LvL 20 TRex…

It seems maybe health matters more? I just checked in my alliance’s sanctuary, and a level 15 boa gives 6 more exp than a level 15 smilodon. But I’m not quite sure because Kentro and Maia give the same as smilodon even though they have much higher health…

Edit: Actually, all epics at level 15 give same exp except for the newly introduced ones, such as Mammoth and Boa. Can’t check Diplod cuz we don’t have a level 15 one, but Diplod isn’t new.

Wow thx for the data! That clearly helps us. Although more would be very appreciated by everyone reading this :smiley:

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I couldn’t do the Diplodocus last night since it was on cool down so here it is.

I’m telling you though. You should come join ARK. Your whole alliance can come and be part of a Co-Op team. You can have 1-3 maybe 4 level 20 sancs. We teach strategy for all parts of the game. It’s an information data mine. :muscle: