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Sanctuary Quantity Question

Does anyone know what the max amount of Dino’s is that a sanctuary can hold? Also, can anyone confirm the max level a sanctuary can be?

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This thread will answer about any question you may have on Sanctuary. Scroll down near the bottom for the new sanctuary stats.

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I still can’t tell how many dino’s one level 20 sanctuary can hold.

All the information is int the game. Sanctuary had 3 enclosures, each with 8 places. So 24 creatures total. On sanctuary screen you can see number with lock sign. This number tells you on which level place is unlocked.

So you can place:

On level 1 - 4 creatures
On level 2 - 5 creatures
On level 3 - 6 creatures

On level 18 - 21 creatures
On level 19 - 22 creatures
On level 20 - 24 creatures (+2)

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