Sanctuary question

Easily 2/3 of my epics and 1/2 of my rares don’t even show up as available to put in my santuary. I have one epic grayed out that says it needs to be lvl 20. What I mean is; they aren’t even there. Why is that? The epics i really want to boost to make a hybrid are most of the “unavailable” dinos.

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It means you need to be Lvl 20.

I’m not entirely sure about that because i have dinos that are grayed out and say “need to be lvl 20.” I’m saying they aren’t even there for me to click on. I have 3 that are grayed out and when click it; it tells me i must be at lvl 20. I’m asking about dinos that don’t even pop up.

I found this and hopefully it helps answer your question :slightly_smiling_face:


There are certain restrictions that can prevent you from placing a creature in a Sanctuary. The following creatures cannot be placed:

  • Creatures that are on your Strike Team.
  • Hybrid creatures.
  • Creatures that you already placed in another Sanctuary (creatures can’t be in two places at once!).
  • Creatures that are too dangerous for your current Player Level, as shown on their creature portrait.
  • Flying creatures.*
  • Cenozoïc creatures.*

You should be Lvl 20.

That was helpful thank you!