Sanctuary resetting to 1 before due date

I have a sanctuary in front of my house that just reset the other day with others in my alliance, and it was up to level 5. Well it has reset to level 1 and now says 14 days til reset, while others started at the same time show 9 days… Why is this?

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Is it possible that it was started 9 days ago? So, it has been running for 14 days, and you didn’t noticed it? (Just a guess) Did everybody got kicked out on the reset?

It just reset I think Monday or Tuesday, so it should have 9 days left like the others in my alliance. But yes it reset to a level 1 with no dinos in it.

Ok it’s been 2 days and this sanctuary has reset once again. I’m gonna need someone to look into this because now my dinos are in a weird limbo… @Ned @Jorge @J.C

Hey Christopher, our team is looking into this issue. From your 2nd screenshot, there is a timer that shows 54m 3s. Once that timer reaches zero, your dinos should return to you.

If you’re still having issues after the timer resets, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can take a look.