Sanctuary resources - 'Interaction' item limit

Not sure why the ‘Interaction’ item alone is limited to 8 items, whereas the ‘Food’ and ‘Toys’ have a max of 12.

Why not increase the ‘Interaction’ limit as 12 like others, instead of 8?


That’s a great question. Actually it should be 16 as you can collect up to 8 interactions per day (10 now with the 2 incubators if you watch an ad).

For some reason you can hold 2 days of food and toys but you are limited to less than a day for interactions.

It doesn’t make sense.


Hope they consider this, and increase the interaction limit.

Along with the 8 interactions from daily 6-hr incubator + 2 ad-based interactions + 2 interaction from green supply drops, it’s obvious that they’ve to increase the limit to utilize them properly.

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Maybe it’s because you can open your free 6 hour 4 times each day and that equals 8 interactions.

Yes but then why is it 12 for food and toys each while you can only collect 6 of each every 24 hours…

I don’t understand why the limit is so low, either. I understand having a limit so people are forced to actually use their items and help their alliance with missions, but you should at least be able to stack a couple days worth of each thing.


Can anyone from support team bring it to Ludia’s notice, and maybe increase the ‘interaction’ item limit from 8 to 12 (as like toys & food) in the upcoming update?