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Sanctuary Resources

Since the sanctuaries are now part of the daily missions and the alliance missions, are the resources going to be more readily available? I usually get 2 of each a day in my free incubators, and rarely do I get any at supply drops. How are we suppose to fill both daily and alliance missions in sanctuaries if there are no supplies?

It takes some effort, but the orange drops will give 4 of each (food and toys) everyday and the green drops will give 2 of each. The six hour free incubator will give 2 interacts so a total of 6 per day. When you click on a supply drop click the little “i” in the upper right corner. That will show what you have collected and what is left to be collected. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:
To help with alliance missions collect, but do not use the 6 interacts from the free incubators for the full day Sunday and save the 2 from early Monday so you have a total of 8 to use after reset. Time using those with the rest of the alliance to get those missions done.

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I usually get just about all my resources after about 10 to 15 drops. Now it may take another 10 to 15 to get that last one, and depending on the amount of green drops it can be aggravating, but getting at least 3/3 feed and play isnt hard at all. The interacts for the alliance are from free incubators only. Wonder if they will change it to feed or play or leave it at just interact


Isn’t it funny that trying to get the last one from the green drops seems to take longer than getting all the rest? Maybe it’s just me :slightly_smiling_face: