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Sanctuary rework suggestions

Hi all,

I have some suggestions regarding sanctuaries that I think would benefit the game. I have been part of several succesful attempts to make a lvl 20 sanctuary and I believe I have gained some valuable experience in the topic.

I. Sanctuaries should not be on the map. Each alliance should have 1 instead.
Currently innumerable sanctuaries litter the map and most of them have never even been used. They often get into the way of dinosaurs that players would like to dart and are generally a nuisance.
This makes no sense to me as sanctuaries are tied closely to alliances. Without an alliance you can barely make any dna from them so it would be natural that they belong to alliances.
This way they would also never disappear after 24 hours. Needing to reshare a high level sanctuary right now is quite an unnecessary chore.
Another benefit of this would be that sanctuaries would be impossible to invade.
For the following points I will assume that in this new system each alliance has their own sanctuary.

II. Sanctuaries should be bigger and never reset.
If we assume that each alliance has their own sanctuary we should set some new rules.
I think it would be ideal if these sanctuaries could be leveled up to 50 with 50 slots. Each player of the alliance could place 1 creature that would not gather resources and not return automatically, but the player could recall it anytime. It would also return immediately when the player leaves the alliance.
The leveling progress would be a little slower and level 40 would yield the same dna as level 20 does now. The extra 10 levels would yield some extra dna which would make up for the fact that you no longer gain any dna from returning creatures.
In the end you would make slightly more dna than you do now if you have a lvl 20 sanctuary and you keep 4 creatures slotted.
I also mentioned that these sanctuaries should not reset. However they would need a certain amount of SP each day to keep them at their current level. The SP needed would be minimal at lower levels but quite taxing at lvl 50. This would make alliances appreciate high SP creatures even after they hit max level.

III. Alliance leaders should have more control over sanctuaries.
Assuming alliances have their own sanctuaries it would be natural that leaders could remove any creature from the sanctuary at any time.
They should also be able to assign 4 sanctuary masters from the alliance who would also be able to have some control over the sanctuary.
Another cool feature for leaders and sanctuary masters would be to set an expected creature to a sanctuary slot even before the slot is unlocked. This way the alliance members could prepare and discuss who should place their creature in that slot.

IV. The “cooldown” on using your tools is a tedious chore. It should go away.
While I understand how the current system adds to the charm of sanctuaries in the end its just a very tedious aspect of the game.
No one gains anything from having to return every 3 hours to your highest level sanctuary to use your tools on the same one creature whose dna you most need.
In a nutshell: a system that frustrates the playerbase is detremental to the game. Just get rid of the cooldown and let people use their tools whenever they feel like it.

V. Sanctuaries owned by an alliance could open new opportunities for the playerbase.
With the system described above we could still share sanctuaries with other players and perhaps gain something when a lot of guest players visit your alliances sanctuary.
It would be interesting if every player could visit shared sanctuaries and receive 3 guest tools each day that they would be able to use only in sanctuaries where they are guests. They shoud of course not be able to place their own creatures when visiting.
There could even be competitions held for alliances and the sanctuary with the most SP gain during a given week would win big prizes for their members.

So these are the suggestions I have.
Sorry for the wall of text but I felt like there are many untapped opportunities in the sanctuary system.
Please feel free to add any suggestions and oppinions :slight_smile:


Hi, you must be new here :slight_smile: I’m truly sorry you had to type all that but I’m afraid it was a bit of time wasted. Just enjoy the game, trying to change it is futile.

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Thank you for taking the time to write all of this out. I think you have some ideas here I would like to see implemented. :slight_smile:

I like your ideas here.

You say sanctuary’s shouldn’t be on the map yet you talk about guests which means sanctuary’s need to be seen. I think they could lessen them a little though. They don’t need so many. Maybe in a populated city, alliances fight over them but not out here in the burbs.

I like the idea of building them up and having to use them to keep them up or they loose levels. So to remain a level 50 sanctuary would mean all 50 members doing their business by way of 6 FIP’s each day.

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I like the idea of sanctuaries being specific to each Alliance, but at the same time it would be unfair to players who aren’t or don’t want to be in an Alliance. Perhaps make them specific and just reduce the number of them that appear on the map?

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Eh, I like them how they are now and don’t want them to change


Good point.
I suppose guest players could access other sanctuaries through the sanctuary menu, and/or invites.

It is also possible to not remove sanctuaries from the map and alliances could claim one but I think it would be less problematic if they were just in the sanctuary menu.

The current system is designed to give players a little DNA boost to help.It is not meant to be fast and is meant to be a “chore” because it’s basically free DNA.

I could change the sanctuary I would put Rat bait in it and shoot them dead forcing players to refuse and reboost them all over again.

The big sanctuary change I want is to be able to put flying dinos in it!