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Sanctuary rework?

A few ideas here

  1. Get rid of them on map and let every alliance have their own.

  2. Remove dna returned from dinos placed in. It’s very little. Factor in a little more on actions. This will keep people from wanting to use theirs over someone else’s

  3. Remove time limit dinos are in and sanctuary shared. I can put a dino in and take it out when I want. Since I’m not getting a DNA reward it shouldnt matter. And if I want I can leave it in permanently.

  4. Alliance sanctuaries reset every 2 weeks. But instead of kicking out the dinos it just starts over fresh with the weekly alliance mission reset.

  5. Since only 1 alliance sanctuary, allow members to put their dinos in “pens” in the sanctuary. I can add my Raptor to the raptor pen or cage along with 5 or 6 others. When you enter the sanctuary you can scroll up or down to find a cage or pen, or better yet, select it from a drop down. Then you enter the cage and interact.

  6. For levels since all dinos will be in 1 sanctuary all FIPs will count to one helping alliances level it up faster. For level 1 thru 3, allow 2 dinos per member max. 4 thru 9 3 dinos per member. Rank 10 or higher 4 dinos per member.

This will combine theme dinos with high level dinos. You can find the highest level to level up sanctuary faster or just go to one len or cage and interact with 1 to 50 dinos. Ok maybe put a limit of 10 of each type per cage. It wont matter if you have one in or not since you arent getting a DNA refund.

But I would also like to see a slight increase in dna per FIP. Since you are losing 35 epic dna for returns over 2 weeks.

What yall think?