Sanctuary sharing not working?

Between 5 and 8 hours in testing so far for me.
There were also people who got stuck in between alliances.

Thank you so much for the info :purple_heart:, we had one reset earlier (just under 3 hours) but looking to a consistent time frame as setting up back-up plans for our co-op’s Tuesday build if it isn’t fixed in time.

They did a push update yesterday - I presume because of the donation requests glitch - which I presume is when sanc sharing broke.

Things were fine on tuesday, yesterday broken.
As it stands until its fixed building sanctuarys in coop, isn’t looking possible.
So the longer this goes on the more of the playerbase will be affected.
It also means stealing a sanctuary will be easy.

I had a player join my alliance today. He could see our alliance page and DNA requests, but the weekly alliance missions and sanctuaries were from his old alliance. An hour later, he could see our sanctuaries but not our alliance missions. Then it switched and he could see our missions but not sanctuaries. Now both are back to showing his previous alliance’s stuff. It’s a real mess, it seems.

Edit: Now his defense missions are his old alliance’s and his exploration missions are ours. :laughing: The sancts keep switching back and forth. Sometimes he can see our level 20s but when he taps on one, it switches back to his old alliance’s lower-level sancts.

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Yeah with the season finishing soon, it’s going to be a mess even more players. :woman_facepalming:

As usual, no communication from Ludia.

I assume they won’t sell many care bundles this weekend…


I am having the same issue too, on of my hoppers can not get into any allainces right now and missing doing the needed to kills for the tourney

I also successfully hopped/shared a sanctuary on Tuesday a few hours after the update. It seems this mess started a couple days later. I have e-mailed Ludia Support. I hope this is addressed/fixed soon. Care bundles are a popular item in the game store, but most players I know who buy them will only buy if they know they will have access to enough dinos/sanctuaries to make it worthwhile. I realize it’s the weekend, but I do hope we’ll at least get an update on Monday.

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It’s happening with everyone, why isn’t it fixed yet?


Good news everyone!! It appears around 4-5pm est on Wednesday, a push update came through and the sanctuary sharing glitches were fixed.

We’ve done a series of tests and so far, it looks promising. The BoB co-op will being doing our final shares later today (hopefully with the old system) so we’ll let you know if we were able to share to 23 alliances with no issues. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

Big shout out to The kingdom co-op who raised this issue to our attention, to Synergy, the Sanctum and so many more for all the knowledge sharing across the community assisting all to plan accordingly and help Ludia fix the bugs! Thank you BoB alliances for your teamwork and patience as we managed to find a clumsy but successful method to build 3 level 20 sanctuaries and share them out.

I’ve had so many conversations this week with players throughout the game, it’s been great even if it was because of some rather annoying glitches.

Cheers! :partying_face:


Have they just fixed where the share goes to?
Are players still being locked out?

So far so good but I will properly let you know later tonight (UK time) when we have the last shares.

No players are not being locked out. A team of us have used alts to test this and looks all good. What I don’t know is if the impact on tournaments is fixed so we’re not using any of our mains, just in case.

Done testing myself, and things seem to be working as normal.
It would be nice if we were told just why the changes were made in the 1st place.
As they obviously weren’t tested at all.


Just done some share hopping and it all went really well. Members showing up straight away and sancs all looking good.

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An update on the issue thread from E.D: