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Sanctuary suggestion (specific dinos)

My alliance is trying to make the most out of the sanctuaries but random people not on our alliance - who don’t know our plan make it difficult.

We try to load specific sanctuaries with only one kind of dino (I.e. blue only, or tarbo only et cetera). But sometimes other players we don’t know find our sanctuaries and out random dinos in it.

So to fix this - could you make an option for the one who starts a sanctuary to make it dino specific (the one they start with).


The sanctuaries are a community thing. Anyone can put their dinos into your sanctuaries and there is no way of stopping this.

I have made a simmilar suggestion here:

Mine was that we could at least name the sanctuaries, and put a description to it, so we can have better co-ordination.


Maybe you have a guild member or two who live out in the boonies where there is miles and miles of empty sanctuary’s; where there is no one else playing JWA and have them start one out on their farm.

Yeah that’s what we’ve tried. It usually works. But when it doesn’t it’s annoying.

Well, they can still be a community thing in my suggestion. I’m not saying a person can’t put a dino in it - just that it must be a specific dino if the first poster makes it that option.

And yes - there is no way of stopping it now. That’s what I’m suggesting be changed lol.

But really who knows what the specific dino that should occupy the sanc? Not like there is some sign that sets the precedence for that sanc.

That’s what I’m saying bro. The person who starts the sanctuary by putting a dino in it should have the option to let any dinos in it or make it a specific dino sanctuary based on the first one dropped in.

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