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Sanctuary Suggestions

Can you please make it so when I go to the list of sanctuaries shared by my alliance, when I exit out of a sanctuary I go back to the list, not to the map?


Yes please

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One more suggestion: I think current DNA amount should be also shown at this pop up.

Right now you have to go back to dinosaurs list and find it there to decide whom dinosaur you should pet (food/interaction/play).

Now you see these details only when you’ve applied an action, but sometimes you need to decide which dinosaur you should pick.


I’ve to thanks Ludia for the latest changes you did. With the new changes of rules you convinced me that is not good continue playing this game anymore. Thanks for the old JWA it was great! I’ll be waiting your next game (and I will expend no money on it since rules will change and all my money will be wasted after 3 or 4 updates).

Please give a back button! The constant going back to map, waiting for everything to slowly load only to go back into alliance and tap on another sanctuary is making me want to swap-in a Draco on the entire game and kill it lol.


When will the birds be added?