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Sand Dunes is looking for a new member


Super active, super generous alliance. Everyone is so nice and helpful. All members are active and pretty high level. Most between 3500-5300.

We lost a member today, he decided to leave the game. So I’m looking for an active, decent level player to fill the slot. Everyone donates generously, even DNA they need for themselves. Truly an amazing group of people. Might not be the highest top player Alliance, but it’s the BEST Alliance!


Looking for new members again as of 2/1/2019.

Sand Dunes

I would like too. :nerd_face:


I joined this clan about 2-3 weeks ago and I believe I am the newest member. From experience, this clan is a fine group of dino-enthusiasts. This is more than a clan but a fellowship devoted to helping others. I am often receiving more DNA than I donate but the clan encourages me to give what I can. I definitely got luck with this group.


I’m down to join your alliance


if they showed interest before maybe they should have priority? just a thought

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I’ve been in two thus far, I hope to find an alliance that makes me feel that the whole plan by ludia isn’t a bust. If you don’t pick me this time, thats cool. You’ve seen me around the forums and I’m not going anywhere. Whoever you pick I wish you and them well

I am Tycho#3440

My average trophy range is 4200

I don’t do drama, but I do do humor.

My treasure trove includes 40k majungasaurus, and I might be willing to part with a few.

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Heh, you said do do


What I can only say is:
Sand Dunes is amazing! :heart_eyes:



Hey rexylexy, are you saving a spot for me??:wink:


Sand Dunes may be looking for at least two new members. We’re an awesome Alliance, pretty much every request gets filled (except Irritator these days), and a great group of people to laugh and enjoy the game with. Everyone is always willing to help each other out.

Looking for decently high level players, especially with the new Alliance missions coming.

I will not be booting the old accounts until I find replacements, so even if we are showing as full, please still message me and send a request to join.


Let me know if you’re interested. I’m super active everyday


I’d love to join :yum:


Feel free to message me your info.


Feel free to message me your info as well.


good luck, lex.


I would like to join you,nickname: akasasori0100
I am tired of those empty guilds


Requirement : sense of humour lol


Now I’m worried about showing up to the party with the wrong kind of 8 ball… Was real awkward last time at a church pool league.


requirement : the ability to hold your wine


Well I’ve got all those qualities :sunglasses::smiling_imp: