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Sand Dunes still recruiting

Hey everyone! We still have some spots open in our awesome alliance so if anyone else is interested in joining we have around 3 spots available. We are a fun, active, but very competitive group. We are looking for fun, active, and loyal players who are willing to donate and participate in alliance missions. We have a discord to communicate as well. Bonus points if you have good memes :smile:
If you are interested, please DM me directly.


@Piere87 Yes indeed! And I can attest to that! Been with SD since it was launched! Missions are always 5 and 4 respectively! We have an amazing group full of laughters, interesting topics but competitive players! Sharing and generosity is SD’s trademarks! :clap::clap::clap:
Welcome to Sand Dunes!!!


I can definitely recommend. Do it, I know you want to…


Active player here. Level 20, 4600-4900 battle points. Every day: Fullfill daily missions, all strike events, defeat 10 creatures and at least one 8/12/24 hour incubator …and then some.

Frustrated that our alliance is slowing down. Used to be 5/4, only 4/3 now.

Sooner or later I will change if things go on like this.

When you change alliance, do you get alliance rewards the week you change, or do you miss a week?

Is there any level requirements. Please say no haha.

No level requirements. Just looking for active, contributing members. DM me your information if you are interested!


Ok, I’ve applied three times to your guild, I love at least two of your members.

I won’t go into details, every day is like sands through the hourglass. Ask anyone from killerRaptors and you will get a positive response about me.

I’m at 4800 trophies most of the time. Mostly tyrants in my team, not because they are tyrants, just worked out that way.

I fulfill all of your requirements for alliance membership. Best of all I’m not 12 years old and have good humor.

I’m coming from 5/4 and understand how that works as well as place there at times.

Please give me a chance, 4 week probation or something to that effect would be fine.

Tycho #3440

Just broke 400 dna darting for the first time.

If you want to pass, please let me know so that I can plan my future accordingly.