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Sand Dunes!

We have a few spots open in our Alliance…we are a big (full up until just now) alliance who donates constantly and are all extremely active. We are partnered with metahub alliance as well. Alliance name is Sand Dunes, feel free to send a request to join. Looking for decent levelled players (most of us are 3500-6000).

Hope to meet you soon!


I can vouch for this alliance - they are amazing!!! Active, happy, helpful - and love to donate!!!

Give em a shot if youre active and the same way!!!


This Alliance would never feel your alone. Sharing dna’s is our goal. Its not merely who goes up to the top but instead helping everyone to go higher together as one. I’m a part of this cheerful, appreciative, sensible Alliance that I never thought that I could be able to compete friendly but at the same time enjoying the game as well. You won’t regret. Trust me right @Hersh hahahaha!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Idris 1010101

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im a part of this alliance from the beginning and its a great group. always willing to donate.


anyone with excessive amounts of dracorex, irritator, kapro, dimetrodon, tarbo, etc. the better :yum:


Ill send a request…

:joy::joy::joy: You’re perfectly right!!!

I’m going to miss the Wrothgars…but this is an awesome group of friends who work hard at helping each other. I’m glad to be a part of the team.


I’m also going to miss the Wrothgars. Amazing family.

But yes this alliance is amazing and I don’t just say that because I created it. Tonight, someone donated Dracorex to me even though they were also working on Utarinex, which allowed me to get two fuses on Utarinex and I was able to create it from that. Everyone is generous and friendly and amazing.


@Idris I hear you’re looking for an alliance, I’ll hold a spot for you until you say otherwise.

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I just finished catching 24 karpos. Have 32000 DNA if any needs some but it is on 3 accounts…lol



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Still waiting on you too, sir. :slight_smile:

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@MagicFingers , @tyrannosauruslex , youre making me cry :sob: We will miss you too, thank you so much for having us!!

Now you know when I make posts about my family playing, I aint kiddin! Lol


Lol 101010101.

3500- 6000? 6000 huh. Weird that the top guys arent in ur alliance nor are they even at 6k yet. Lol

Id join but i dont want to take #1 on ur guys board :sweat_smile:

What? I actually have that much. Haven’t powered any dino’s up for a while so have a lot of dna saved up. As long as I don’t stat dropping arena’s no need to power up yet.

I give away Dracorex in my alliance every chance it pops up cause ill never use it.