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Sandbagging Battles : YouTube Uploads

Before everything I’ll firstly thank @Sionsith and @Cheeseeater for inspiring me to make JWTG and JWA videos respectively.

I’ve uploaded a video of my Fight For Funds battles. In the Delightful Melancholy thread I’ve shared some of my battles last week, @Aether_12 and a few others asked me to record them in the next so here you go! Will upload tomorrow as well :

Note that there isn’t much sandbagging here as it’s basically just the three rounds, tomorrow will be more exciting for sure. Hope this helped!


Will watch rn @Jurassic_Fury!


yeahhh more jurassic world the game video, thank you fury!!!




Whyndid u not use your lvl 40 Indoraptor?


The point was to play battles without using very strong creatures… Especially the level 40 Indoraptor. :stuck_out_tongue:


Second battle was pretty interesting after losing the first try and then going with a weaker team on the second try and succeeding, great vid fury!


Note : I myself recommend not to replicate the way I’ve made my Lineup. The reasons why I’ve did what I did to my Lineup is mentioned here : The Delightful Melancholy

The video was just to share the method in which I do my battles, it was not inclined to suggest that the magnitude of unbalance in my Lineup is totally fine or easily manageable. As someone who faces kind of hard opponents and uses considerably weaker teams I made the video only so that it could be helpful in either some battle strategies or if you wanted to try out battles using weak creatures.

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nice vid keep it up :smile:

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Thank you so much everyone for the support! I’ll be making the Rarity Rumble and Stakeholders Visit Battles once the events reset!


Please make vedio of clash of titan please

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Sadly I’ve cleared it already… However the CoT isn’t difficult as such. From what I’ve seen opponents use the 4 block pattern frequently but it’s not very hard to manage.

The strategies I would be suggesting are the same to Fight for Funds, Rarity Rumble, Stakeholders Visit, and for that matter any PvE. Today’s battles is just like doing 4 battles more than yesterday with similar strategy in yesterday’s video so that you guys will be able to see them more practically.

However I will record the next Clash of Titans if it helps in any way! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@I_am_NOT_a_Salmon @NotSand @Aether_12… New video is up guys!! I covered Rarity Rumble and Stakeholders Visit in this one. Do let me know if it was helpful!

Sorry @Subxero11 I accidentally tagged you on this post earlier… :sweat_smile:

And I guess now I intentionally did…


Nice vid just watched it keep up the good work! :+1: :+1:

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